Winstrol Dosage

Winstrol Dosage: Dosage Guide For Beginners, Intermediate and Pro and Best Stacking Idea


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There are a lot of anabolic steroids, but for athletes, Winstrol is the one they turn to when in need of a performance lift.

This is also preferred choice of most fitness buffs who want something more than just muscles as this is one of the best steroids for improving agility and getting the most out of your body.

However for this to work you need to make sure that the proper dosage is taken. To simplify matters we have divided the dosage into three parts: for the beginner, intermediate and the pro.

Winstrol Dosage for Beginner

The starting dose for the absolute beginner is 20 to 40 mg every other day for men and 2.5 mg every other day for women.

These dosages are very low and you should not expect any significant improvements in your physical abilities, agility or athletic performance.

These low dosages are meant to give your body time to adjust to the steroid. Winstrol is safer than most other anabolic steroids, but it will still give your body a shock if sudden large doses are taken.

The low dosage given here should give your body time to get acclimatized so when the higher dosages are given, you will be in a better position to handle the side effects.

After a week and there are no side effects, take Winstrol every day using the same dosage.

If you have used anabolic steroids before, you can skip the beginner level and move on to the intermediate level.

There are some who actually say these dosages are way too low to produce any effect. That may be true, but the whole purpose of this level is to just get your prepped up for the higher dosages later.

If you have never taken steroids before, starting at the lowest point cannot hurt and will probably do you a lot of good.

Winstrol Dosage for Intermediate

The intermediate or “average” dosage is 50 mg a day for 6 to 8 weeks for men and 5 mg per day for 4 to 6 weeks for women.

This is the average or normal dosage levels because at these you’ll gain the performance boosts you are looking for.

This is true for both men and women, and for many there’s no reason to take any more as these doses are more than enough.

A lot of guys combine their Winstrol cycle with a testosterone cypionate dosage of 350 to 500 mg per day, and it’s probably a good idea to do this too.

One of the most common side effects of Winstrol in men is the slowdown in natural testosterone production, hence it’s a good idea to include a test supplement in your cycle.

In some circles there is no intermediate level: the beginner and intermediate are considered as one.

This is understandable as what a lot of men and women usually do is boost their dosage of Winstrol in increments, blurring the distinction between the beginner and intermediate levels.

At this point we need to emphasize that use of Winstrol is not in stages. You must not feel compelled to take the pro level if it is not needed.

If your aim of improving physical performance has already been achieved, then there is no need to take it any further unless it is for experimental purposes.

Winstrol Dosage for Pro

The maximum dosage for men is 100 mg every day for 8 to 10 weeks and 10 mg per day for women for 6 weeks. Some women take as much as 20 mg per day and there are men who go up to 140 mg or even 200 mg.

As should be obvious by now, these dosages are very high and not meant for everyone.

If you’ve been using Winstrol for a while and content with the results at the normal level, then there’s no reason to increase the dosage to these levels.

Will you gain more in terms of performance when the amount is increased this high? Yes, but you also become more vulnerable to side effects like liver toxicity.

If you’re going to take Winstrol, always start from the lowest and move up to the highest when your body is ready.

Do not hurry the process: doing so will just make things worse and actually slow down your progress as your body tries to restore balance.

Just because someone uses more Winstrol doesn’t mean you should: stick to your own plans and move up only if required.

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Best Stacking and Dosage Idea

Another aspect we need to look into is stacking. For some users there is no need to use any other steroid aside from Winstrol and a testosterone supplement.

That is well and good if you’re just looking for an improvement in athletic performance and gaining lean muscle.

As good as Winstrol is however, there are limitations to its capabilities, but these can be increased if you combine it with other anabolic steroids.

The type of steroid you stack it with however, depends on your goal, and that is what we’re going to take a look at here.

The best stack to burn fat is Winstrol with clenbuterol. Take the intermediate dosage of Winstrol and combine it with at least 20 mcg of clen per day for women and 40 mcg per for men.

These are the minimum dosages; women can bring this up to 100 mcg a day and men up to 140 mcg, but again you should only do this if the low dosage doesn’t do enough to burn body fat. For the most part however the low dosage will suffice for both.

Choosing the best stacks to build muscle mass is difficult as there are a lot of options.

You could combine Winstrol with Deca Durabolin for instance: your Winstrol dosages have to be in the intermediate or advanced level and your Deca dose at 25 mg/wk for women and 100-200 mg/wk for men.

You should include a test supplement of 350 mg to 500 mg a day with your Winstrol and Deca stack as well as the ones below.

The dosage for Winstrol in all stacks below is intermediate or pro level with regular cycles.

  • You may stack Winstrol with Primobolan, 25-100 mg/wk for women and 100-600 mg/wk for men
  • Another popular option is to combine Winstrol with Oxandrolone at 10-40 mg/wk for women and 15-20 mg/day for men.
  • Other steroids you may stack with Winstrol are anadrol, trenbolone and dianabol, all of which are powerful and provide significant muscle gains, much more so than Winstrol can. As was explained earlier, Winstrol is more about athletic gains and performance than putting on lots of muscles so the addition of tren or dianabol in your stack is going to make a lot of difference.

As you can see, Winstrol is one of the most powerful steroids today and is compatible with a lot of other anabolic steroids.

It offers you a great deal of flexibility that other drugs and performance enhancers cannot provide, and that only goes to show how important it is.

A few more notes about stacking needs to be mentioned here: first, decide on your goal before taking any of these. Do you need to stack Winstrol?

Some are happy with just Winstrol and a test supplement as their objective is to improve athletic performance and work on your speed and power.

But if your objective is to burn fat, you will need clenbuterol or another steroid to burn those fats. Winstrol does a pretty good job burning fat, but it won’t hurt to try another one as the fat burning process will be intensified.

The need for a stack becomes even more apparent if you want to bulk up.

As many bodybuilders will point out, Winstrol is not a bulking agent: it is used for cutting and performance boost, so don’t expect to gain bulging muscles while you’re taking it.

For it to work during a bulking phase you need to stack it with a mass gainer like trenbonlone or dianabol.

The length of your cycle is also going to be a factor. The average cycle lasts 6 to 8 weeks for men and 4 to 6 weeks for women as noted, and whether you’re stacking or not there is no reason to extend this beyond that.

Comparing Winstrol Steroid Dosage with Legal Alternative

For all the power and strength of Winstrol, it is not without shortcomings, and chief among them is the side effects.

While you’re not going to suffer from water retention or man boobs, there is the possibility of acne, hair loss, liver toxicity and more.

These side effects are real, and the higher the dosage the greater the possibility you will feel these.

While some of these side effects are short term, too much Winstrol could have long term effects and have adverse effects on your liver and cholesterol.

The good news is there are now legal alternatives to Winstrol you can buy online. With these legal steroids, you gain the benefits of Winstrol minus the side effects that arise from their use.

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