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Winstrol Depot Guide: Benefits For BodyBuilding, Dosage, Difference Between Winstrol Oral and Injection, Legal Alternative

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Winstrol depot is one of the most popular steroids today and is used not just by athletes but also gym rats who want to lose weight and make the most of their cutting phase.

If you’re among those, this guide should prove useful. Before we look at the Winstrol Depot dosage and other facts, a bit of definition will be necessary.

What is Winstrol Depot (Chemical Names + Brief History)

Winstrol Depot is simply Winstrol in injectable form. To be more specific, it an injectable anabolic androgenic steroid and is classified as a dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Its anabolic rating of 320 makes it very anabolic but the androgenic rating is only 20.

  • Chemical Names: Winstrol Depot, Stromba, Androstanazole, Winstrol, Stanozolol
  • PubChem CID: 25249
  • Molecular Weight: 328.49158 g/mol
  • Molecular Formula: C21H32N2O
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Importance for Bodybuilding and Fitness Exercises

The Winstrol Depot cycle is crucial for fitness and bodybuilding because the steroid works differently compared to other steroids.

When you think of steroids the first thing that comes to mind is a substance that adds muscle, but Winstrol is more than that.

When you buy Winstrol Depot for sale USA you’re getting a performance booster that takes your athletic ability to the next level.

Winstrol Depot side effects are similar to those of regular Winstrol, but so are the benefits.

Not everyone who takes steroids want to bulk up as some want to just boost their strength and power.

Reviews and testimonials show that Depot results provide just that, which is why it has become the practical choice for men and women who want to get fit.

This brief description of Winstrol shows just how different it is compared to the typical anabolic steroids sold online.

When the word steroid is mentioned, large muscles and bodybuilding comes to mind. While Winstrol provides bodybuilders with benefits, it is more suitable for athletes.

There are those who will debate the use of Winstrol for bulking, and some will argue it can be just effective when stacked with other steroids.

That may be true but when everything is taken into consideration, Winstrol is best regarded as the athletes’ steroid.

If you’ve been looking for a way to increase strength without putting on additional mass, it is the answer.

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Comparing Winstrol Depot with Anavar

If you want to buy Winstrol Depot and use it, comparisons with other steroids is inevitable, but before we go there, a look at the dosage is necessary.

The standard dose for men is 50 mg every day or every other day, while for women it is 5 to 10 mg.

It doesn’t take long for it to take effect however, so even at 50 mg every other day or 5 mg every other day will be sufficient to feel the effects.

You will hear and read some users who take more than these, but those are advanced users. The important thing to remember is your goal: if low dosages meet your requirement, there is no need to increase it.

As for the anavar and Winstrol comparison, the two share some common features: both are mild enough to be used by women, and the dosages are similar for both men and women.

Like Winstrol, anavar is most effective when used in the cutting phase, and it’s not really effective at bulking up unless stocked with other steroids.

There are differences between anavar and Winstrol for sale however. Anavar is less powerful overall compared to Depot, and more importantly, Depot offers much more in terms of performance enhancement.

Anavar is mostly for cutting fat, but the Depot does more than that as it takes your performance to another level.

The improvement is not just in terms of physical strength, but you also become faster, more agile, flexible and have greeter endurance.

Depot may not be a bulking agent, but it ensures your lean muscles are maintained and not lost during the cutting phase. So while anavar is effective, there’s no questioning the fact that Depot is more potent.

This does not mean you should not use anavar. On the contrary there are lots of men and women who combine anavar and Winstrol for optimum results.

If you decide to combine the two, the dosage doesn’t need to change at all. You may opt for just anavar and Winstrol, but it’s much better if you add a testosterone supplement to the stack to offset the reduction of natural testosterone.

Comparing Winstrol Injections and Orals

A combination of Deca – Winstrol will be effective and so will other stacks, but now we have to answer the question of which version of Winstrol is more effective, the injectable or the oral.

By oral we refer to the other types of Winstrol available that come in pill, capsule and tablet form.

There is no easy way to answer this question because a lot of factors are involved. If everything were equal, there should be no difference between the two.

If you’re taking 50 mg of Depot or 50 mg of Winstrol tablet the end results should not be different. However a lot of athletes prefer the injectable even though it’s not as convenient.

This could be due simply to personal preference, but some say the injectable works much faster.

Why that happens isn’t clear but it could be because the injectable doesn’t come with any extra ingredients that slow down the absorption rate. Winstrol tablets and capsules have inactive ingredients that make up its shell so that could be a factor.

Between the different forms of Winstrol, there’s no reason to believe that one is more effective than the other. Winstrol Depot may have slightly faster absorption times but overall the effect is the same.

A few more things need to be said about the different Winstrol forms: while we have pointed out there should not be any difference in terms of results, it is assuming the quality of the Winstrol is the same. You also have to factor in your diet and the type of workouts you do.

The efficiency of Winstrol orals and injectable is also affected by the stack you use.

Even if you take the same dosage of Depot and Winstrol tablet, the results will differ if you stack different steroids. As a user you need to keep these things in mind so you won’t be surprised with the results.

Comparing Winstrol Steroid and WINSOL

Winstrol Alternative WINSOL PillsNow we have to compare Winstrol with Winsol, which is being branded as a safe and legal alternative.

We have covered in-depth the benefits of Winstrol, but we cannot ignore the side effects of the product such as increasing your cholesterol, acne, hair loss, possible insomnia and being toxic to your liver.

Winsol has all the benefits of Winstrol but without the side effects.

The idea of a legal steroid alternative may be hard to believe, but Winsol has been scientifically proven to enhance athletic performance, boost speed and increase agility.

Winsol also does a much better job of maintaining your lean muscles even when you’re deep into the cutting phase.

We have already pointed out how Winstrol improves athletic performance, but Winsol takes it a step further because it does so without causing any side effects.

The numerous possible side effects that arise from the use of Winstrol is the reason why some men and women hold back. With Winsol there is no need for that.

To sum up the benefits of Winsol:

  • Winsol is 100% legal and can be purchased online without fear.

Winstrol on the other hand, is illegal and the sources online are unreliable. When you order Winsol, there won’t be any problems with the authorities and you don’t need a prescription.

You just need to order from the Crazy Bulk website and wait for the package to arrive.

  • Winsol doesn’t have side effects:

No need to worry about water retention, excess hair growth, acne, high cholesterol etc. Just take the appropriate dosage and you’ll be fine.

  • Does not require needles:

That’s right, Winsol comes in oral form so it’s more convenient to use. They’re in tablet form so you just take 2 or 3 before starting your workout and you’re good to go.

  • Retain muscle and lose body fat:

This is also what Winstrol does, but a head to head comparison shows that Winsol is more effective. While Winsol is not meant to be used as a weight loss pill, it is effective for burning fat.

  • Produces results fast:

Winstrol may take several weeks to produce tangible results, but with Winsol you will notice the difference in just a couple of weeks, and the longer you use it the more pronounced the effect will be.

Buying Winstrol Depot PayPal is difficult enough to do as it is, what with all the legal issues surrounding it, but the side effects is an issue.

When you consider all of these factors, it makes more sense to use Winsol as the benefits are the same. Add the fact there are no side effects and it’s the most logical option.

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