Why Caffeine may be bad for your brain function and use Noocube Instead

Why caffeine may be bad for your brain function and use Noocube Instead

Caffeine side effectsAre you a coffee addict? If yes, then read on. We’ve got some interesting information for you!

For decades, coffee was wildly popular across the United States and in many other parts of the world except perhaps Britain. They love their iced tea over there!

However, multiple studies have shown that drinking too much of the black substance can negatively affect your brain function.

In this article, we tell you why ‘everyone’ loves coffee, what research says about drinking too much of it, and what you can do about it!

Why do people drink coffee?

The addictive bit of that steaming cup of coffee most of us take every day (or is it every hour) is caffeine. Your Ethiopian, Brazilian or Kenyan blend of coffee has caffeine in it.

Heck, whatever brand or blend of coffee you drink most probably has caffeine. The caffeine content does a couple of things.

First, it gives you an adrenaline rush by getting your blood pumping. The adrenaline rush caffeine gives to your brain is similar to that most people experience when abusing drugs such as meth! This show you how powerful that ‘good’ feeling is!

Second, caffeine is literally addictive. Once you get hooked on the stuff it becomes extremely difficult to get off it.

The addiction is what gets you to only think off preparing coffee early in the morning before you even brush your teeth. It is also the reason you may be on your fourth cup of coffee yet it is not even eleven o’clock!

Caffeine addiction is so serious and so bad that some people get headaches when they don’t get their ‘fix’.

The third reason people drink coffee so much is because it is a social drink!

Lastly, and most importantly perhaps for our article is the fact that people drink coffee to stay awake and maintain focus and alertness early in the morning or late in the evening.

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Why is it bad?

So if coffee is so good, what is wrong with it? We already hinted that caffeine can get addictive.

Moreover, according to the reputable Mayo Clinic, taking 500 mg of caffeine daily can cause insomnia, a fast heartbeat, muscle tremors, restlessness, irritability and anxiety.

Furthermore, even the consumption of moderate amounts such as 300 mg daily can increase the risk of early death.

Most of these negative effects are caused by the inhibiting effects of caffeine on the brain’s receptors, preventing the brain from functioning normally.

Too much also causes dehydration and a persistently high blood pressure due to the release of adrenaline which is one of the effects of caffeine on the brain!

What can you do about it?

If you take too much coffee you should obviously stop.

If you take coffee to increase your alertness, maintain focus and concentration, you should check out the available alternatives. One of the best alternatives currently available on the market is NooCube.

NooCube is a nootropic that has been scientifically tested and demonstrated to show great improvements in improving memory, concentration, boosting brain functioning and increasing mental sharpness and energy.

What’s even more impressive is that unlike coffee, NooCube has no known short term or long term negative effect.

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