Unhealthy Lifestyle That May Ruin Your Sex Life

Unhealthy Lifestyle That May Ruin Your Sex Life

You might be pleasing your partner like nobody’s business right now, but did you know that there may be some lifestyle choices that could ruin all the fun for you and her!

Scientists and researchers in various institutions scattered across the globe have for long linked various lifestyle choices to reduced sex drive and infertility.

Here are some of the unhealthy lifestyle choices that could make your love life less steamy!

Unhealthy Lifestyle Ruin Sex Life

  1. Poor nutrition

To function well in bed you need a proper, well-balanced diet!

An unbalanced diet or snacking on foods that are only high in calories and low on important nutrients and vitamins can ruin your sex life!

A balanced diet can ensure a healthy circulation of hormones, optimum blood flow, maximum energy, reduced stress and sufficient strength for maximum sex drive.

However, most people take snacks and stick to a narrow range of sugary and calorie-laden foods that offer little else.

To turn the situation around include meats, vegetables, fish, nuts, grains and plenty of fruits in your diet. This way you will ensure your body gets what it needs to make you function efficiently.

  1. Lack of exercise

Nowadays, many employed people spend hours on end sitting in their offices and doing very little in terms of physical activity.

At home, TVs have also made us couch potatoes, binge streaming and binge eating ourselves to early graves.

Lack of exercise can make you weak, uninterested in sex and can also make you lose shape.

The only way to turn this around is to get more active. If you are close to a gym, sign up for classes. If you can walk to work, do it! In short, get as active as possible.

More activity will make you fit and give you the energy to go hard for longer in bed.

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  1. Insufficient sleep

Most people get very little sleep at night. Some don’t sleep till late at night watching movies, while others wake up extremely early to work or rush somewhere.

Either way, sleep deprivation has been linked to a variety of negative effects.

Insufficient sleep will make you feel exhausted. It can also affect your looks and your ability to deal with stress.

What worse is that chronic sleep deprivation (less than 7 hours of sleep) can reduce your testosterone levels.

The lower the levels of testosterone, the less masculine you will be. Your interest in sex will also plummet.

To correct this situation, you need to first appreciate that you have a problem and that it affects you negatively.

Upon appreciation, you should then cut out activities that make you sleep late at night or wake up in the wee hours of the morning.

  1. Smoking and drinking

We all know about the ills of smoking. Smoking destroys your lungs. It also does destroys your mouth and teeth.

Alcohol similarly has very little benefit. It may excite you for a while but in the long run, it destroys your heart and liver.

Now it is emerging that the two can also affect your sex drive. Smoking, in particular, can reduce your sensitivity and your ability to orgasm during sex.

Researchers have also linked smoking directly to erectile dysfunction (ED).

It is difficult to stop smoking or drinking on your own. The best thing to do is to join local support groups. They can help you to make concrete decisions and to stop smoking and drinking for good!

  1. Too much sugar

Top sex pillsIf you have a sweet tooth, here is one more reason why should cut sugar out of your life for good.

Sugar is known to promote weight gain. And let’s face it, it is difficult to keep the flames of passion burning with all that extra weight, isn’t it?

Sugar also instantly reduces your testosterone levels by about 25% when you consume about half a liter of soda.

You need testosterone for sex drive, for sex and for energy. Reduced testosterone levels equal reduced sex drive.

“How can I stop taking too much sugar?”

Find alternatives to your cravings. Then stay away from places that trigger you to buy those sugary eats!

  1. Worrying too much

It is okay to be stressed a bit every now and then. After all, this is a very natural reaction to the expectation of negative outcomes.

However, worrying a lot can kill your sex drive.

Most of the time the thing you will be worrying about will not be directly related to sex. Whatever it is, stressing about it will reduce the levels of sex hormones in circulation.

Worrying can also take away your energy. You need to stop and start looking at things on a day to day basis. Plan for the worst case scenario and then let things be. If the worst happens, you will be prepared for it.

  1. Drinking very little water

Water is needed for a variety of bodily functions. Insufficient water intake could lead to dehydration that could make you fatigued.

Dehydration could also cause you to faint in case you engage in vigorous physical activity.

Drinking very little water can also affect your mood, making sex the last thing on your mind.

Among women, dehydration causes vaginal dryness which could make sex a hassle for both partners!

Solution? Drink plenty of water throughout the day.


There are many lifestyle choices that could make it difficult for you to function normally. Some lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking alcohol, not sleeping enough and not taking a balanced diet have been proven to negatively affect sex drive.

You need to eat your veggies, to hit the gym and to cut out negative habits. Taking care of yourself will help you give your partner the loving she deserves!

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