Top 5 Exercises For Killer Leg Workouts

Top 5 Exercises For Killer Leg Workouts

Muscular Leg WorkoutsThe most difficult period of pumping up the muscle mass is the beginning of strength workouts. In order to achieve the desired result and to get the leg muscles ripped, you will need to completely reconsider your diet and even to drastically change your attitudes to physical exercises.

The situation is exacerbated by the fact that many people often stop training their legs when the rapid muscle growth by performing typical exercises on the simulators is not achieved.

However, bulking up the leg muscles is one of the most important points in the bodybuilding, since the leg muscle groups present more than a half of the total muscle mass forming the human skeleton.

With the right approach, even a lean person by nature can pump up powerful leg muscles.

From the anatomical point of view, the leg muscles are divided into dozens of large, medium and small muscle groups and present the most complex and interconnected system of muscles in the body.

Even relatively small calve muscles consist of many small muscles, lying at different depths. The largest groups of leg muscles are the quadriceps of the front part of the thigh, gluteus muscles, and hamstrings, including the biceps femoris.

However, it must be understood that this presentation of the leg muscles is conditional and very simplistic.

Features of Leg Muscles Training

The muscle fibers of the leg muscles and the entire lower part of the body are mostly of the slow twitch.

Their main task is not to provide a high-intensity burst effort, but to perform a monotonous work of low efficiencies, such as walking or keeping the body in an upright position.

When training the leg muscles, it is important to remember that they quickly get adapted to the repeated load and the same type of exercises.

An effective workout for legs includes both different training techniques (from hypertrophy with low repetitions to pumping up) and a variety of exercises.

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It is always to remember that warming up not only reduces the likelihood of the muscle injuries, but it also provides the greater training efficiency.

Experienced coaches recommend starting the workout with stretching, squatting or running in place. These elementary exercises will very quickly get all the necessary muscle groups toned.

Training Program for Leg Muscles

Beginners should limit the number of exercises for the leg muscles as much as possible, using only back squats with the barbell and the deadlift exercises.

During leg workouts for muscle mass, it is always necessary to perform a low number of repetitions, no more than 5-7 reps, with a large weight, as well as to use of multi-joint basic exercises.

The full workouts with leg press and various weight exercises on the leg simulators are recommended exclusively for advanced athletes.

The secondary exercises, performed with a large number of repetitions (10-15 reps) and the average weight, helps to focus on the muscle fibers of a slow twitch. However, the choice of such exercises always depends on the needs of a particular athlete.

The example of the leg day exercises for advanced sportspersons is as follows:

  • Warming-up (squats with the weight, jumps in place) for 3-4 minutes;
  • Leg press on the gym apparatus for 3-4 sets of 10-12 repetitions;
  • Squats with a bar for 2-3 sets of 5-7 reps;
  • Leg bends on the simulator in the lying position for 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps;
  • Sumo deadlift for 2-3 sets of 5-7 reps;
  • Extensions on the simulator in the sitting position for 3-4 sets of 12-15 reps.

5 Main Exercises for Your Legs

  • Squats

Split Squats

Squats are a killer leg workout, aimed at the development of muscle volume and strength.

With the correct technique and full range of movements, squats work on quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes.

The usual position of the legs when doing squats is slightly wider than the shoulders.

If you want to work the inside muscles of your legs, you can deploy socks to the sides and spread your legs wider.

When performing squats, you should be very careful, as it is very easy to get injured. The key point to pay attention to is maintaining your back in a straight position throughout the exercise.

Another important point is balancing the bar during the exercise. To ensure the balance, move your weight to the heels, that is, you should be able to move by your toes in any phase of the exercise.

  • Leg Press

Leg Press Exercise

The leg press is one of the best exercises on the gym simulator for building muscle mass and strength.

Mostly it works on the quadriceps. Also, the muscles of the back part of the thigh and glutes work in this case.

The degree of the load on these muscles depends on the squat depth.

The larger the range of motions, the more work is applied to these muscles. The same way as for squats, legs should be placed on the width of the shoulders, while the socks should look forward.

This position can be changed to shift the load on these or other muscles. The wider position of the legs forces the muscles of the inner part of the legs to work more actively. If you want to focus on the quadriceps, put your feet on the higher platform.

This exercise is performed in 2 versions. In the first case, you push the platform away from yourself, and in the second one, you repulse from the platform to push the simulator bar back. In both variants, the muscles work the same way.

  • Deadlift on Straight Legs

DeadliftThis is one of the most advanced exercises for the muscles of the hamstrings.

It is used to build up both muscle strength and mass of the back part of your thigh. Legs should be placed on the width of the shoulders, the socks look forward.

Exercise should be carried out with a big weight, so it is important to monitor each movement and avoid the back flex in the upper phase of the exercise.

If you have any trauma of the back, you should not perform this exercise. Instead of it, perform leg bending on the simulator or leg bending while standing.

  • Leg Bending and Extension

Leg extension is a very useful insulating exercise for quadriceps. Leg bends are designed for the upper part of the hamstrings, as well as for the glutes in the upper phase of the exercise.

The apparatus roller should be located in front of your legs just above the ankles. If the back part of the gym machine is adjustable, set it so that your backbone is fully attached to it, and your buttocks are on the seat.

You may put your hands over the arms of the simulator or simply lower them down. Although the exercise is usually performed with two legs, you can make it with only one, if you want to work out the proportions.

  • Lifting on Toe Socks

Amazing legs

Lifting on toe socks is one of the most common exercises for the calf muscles.

When performing the exercise, the legs should be placed on the width of the shoulders and socks look forward. You may use different gym apparatus for working with calf muscles as well.

The weight distribution while standing differs from the weight distribution in the leg press machine, which helps to avoid the appearance of back pain.

The leg simulators have stops on both sides. For lifting on socks you can leave them in place.

This will provide extra security when working with heavy weights.

So, knowing the 5 best exercises how to work out legs, you can improve your lower body the best way.

Take on your pair of good crossfit shoes and go to the gym. You should always remember that efforts, diligence, and regularity are important for the maximum positive result, so it does not matter where your workout takes place, in the gym or at home. We wish you to be patient, strong, and healthy.

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