How Testosterone Help Men Gain Muscle Mass

Testogen before and after muscle gainTestosterone is known as the primary hormone that develops the physiological attributes that make up a man.

The hormone is created in people’s sexual organs, ovaries for females and testicles for males, although men are more likely to develop more of this hormone than females.

With that said, if you are a biological man then testosterone is very important to keep things inside your body in order.

Testosterone is responsible for many things. For starters, the hormone is responsible for libido levels or sexual drive.

You may not realize the full effects of having a good sexual drive but it does have a lot of positive implication in your life such as maintaining intimacy in your relationship.

Aside from the sexual benefits of testosterone, keeping healthy levels of it may also help your brain as it can improve cognitive aspects and boost memory.

For your heart and bones, testosterone can keep your blood healthy, more specifically increased blood flow in your heart and increased red blood cells for bone growth and density.

Testosterone and Muscles Change?

Apart from the bodily benefits of testosterone for males mentioned above, one of the more interesting effects of testosterone is muscle growth.

As said earlier, testosterone is responsible for making males look like males and it does that by promoting muscle growth and other processes to make your physical frame fitter.

On the more technical side of things, according to studies, testosterone increases muscle fiber precursor cells which bind with existing fibers to heighten the process of hypertrophy and hyperplasia.

Aside from bigger muscles, testosterone also makes you stronger by increasing the amount of calcium released by your cells. Protein synthesis, the process responsible for developing and utilizing proteins, is also believed to benefit from testosterone in the body.

Gain Muscle Mass by Reducing Fats

Aside from the direct benefits of testosterone in developing your muscles, the hormone can also help you gain muscle mass by reducing the fats in your body. Testosterone mans the storage of fat for humans and at the same time regulates it.

More specifically, if you are a biological male then you would not need too much essential fat in your body as compared to a female. Testosterone will regulate your fats by increasing beta-androgenic receptors for fat burning if necessary.

What Should You Do?

If you have been struggling in gaining muscle mass then the key to solving this problem might just be your testosterone levels.

Increase your testosterone levels by taking supplements and pills such as Testogen for the given purpose, or if you want to approach things in a more natural way, focus on exercising more.

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