How to Take an HGH Cycle: Improved Endurance, Lean Mass, Fat Cut, Athletic Performance

Pituitary Growth Hormone CyclesHGH is often marketed as a fountain of youth, and it is used to help people sleep better, recover from workouts more quickly, cut fat, enhance their cycles and perform better in sports.

HGH is usually combined with testosterone if it is being taken for bodybuilding purposes, but it can be taken by itself if you are simply using it for the anti-aging effects.

There are many different cycling options, and there is not one perfect answer – it depends on the product you are taking, and it also depends on your age and your goals.

If you are lucky enough to be able to get your hands on a brand such as Serostim, then you can start with 3-4 UI's a day for bodybuilding and fitness, or just 2 UIs a day for anti-aging.

If you're buying a generic blue-top online, then you may need 5-6 to get similar benefits.

HGH is usually taken for 20 weeks at a time, although it can be taken for longer.

Some people will take HGH along with a stack of steroids in cycles depending on whether they are mass-gaining or cutting, with the total cycle running for more than 40 weeks before they end their use for a short time.

It is best to take HGH in the morning if you are a young adult male, so that you still benefit from the HGH that your body produces naturally.

Older adults who are using HGH as a form of hormone replacement may take it before bed, to get similar patterns to what they would have if they were younger.

It is not a good idea for teenagers to take it, except the 100% natural formula we recommend above or see more here which are good for both male and female and adults.

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