How to stay harder longer for her

Expert Tips: How to stay harder longer for her always

male erections for girlA bedroom is probably the only place where the winner is the one that comes last.

Not coming right away is the goal of every man and it may be harder for young guys to hold on enough time to give a woman the pleasure she needs.

Every man has his own techniques for prolonging sex, it is completely individual, but here are some expert tips that can help you satisfy your partner.

Think about something else for a second

It will pull you out of the situation and decrease your arousal little bit, so you can keep going. Some guys say they are counting, some are thinking about football, find what works the best for you.

Study different positions 

Having more positions in mind may motivate you to endure, so you can try what suits your girlfriend and you the most. Besides, techniques like prolonging the time between strokes may be very arousing for her, so when the time is right, both of you can come at the same time.

Take things slow

Good sex is about enjoying with a partner completely and forgetting about everything around you. Take some time and simply try various foreplay techniques.

Get to know your girlfriend’s needs. If you concentrate on that, instead of worrying about performance, you won’t be nervous and there will be no problem at all.

These tips will help you improve your performance and have more fun. After all, great sex is all about being relaxed and feeling good.

Little laughter never hurt anyone. Talking about it in a funny way can break the ice and help you feel better. Even if it does not turn out great, there is always another time. Practice makes perfect, right? With this kind of practice, no one complains.

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