Side Effects of Anadrol: Health Risk of Oxymetholone, Perfect Legal Alternative for Safe Mass Gains

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So Anadrol is oxymetholone and it is popularly available in 50-gram capsules hence the name Anadrol 50.

You may be wondering why all that information but let me explain.

There are studies that have investigated the effects of Anadrol itself on the system but they are not that many and the few that are there are not really credible.

However, there are dozens of reliable studies that have investigated the side effects of Anadrol 50 which is basically the same thing.

So will use the results of Anadrol 50 to show you the possible side effects of Anadrol. We will also discuss the side effects of Anadrol from studies that have investigated the steroid itself.

Let us start with the mild side effects.

Mild side effects of Anadrol

So among most people, there will be rapid weight gain. Of course, this may be what you may have been going for in the first place. However, you may gain much more weight than you wanted.

Secondly, you may start experiencing mood changes. For instance, you may become more aggressive. Although being aggressive in the gym is a plus, you don’t want to remain that way for the rest of the day or week.

Thirdly, you may experience some trouble breathing. Not a good feeling believe you me.

And if you thought acne breakouts were behind you, bad news, you may experience new breakouts. Anadrol 50 somewhat causes new acne breakouts or worsens present acne.

Fifth, your feet may swell making you look like a pregnant woman.

Most of these Anadrol side effects may be at worse uncomfortable or embarrassing but they are not life-threatening.

Nonetheless, Anadrol doesn’t just stop here. Check out the next section for the severe side effects of oxymetholone.

Anadrole Ripped and Shred Body

Severe side effects

We will dedicate more paragraphs to this section. We do this because we think that it is key for those who still want to risk with Anadrol to really understand the negative side effects what they are exposing themselves to.

  1. Liver Damage

Liver damage is perhaps the most severe side effect linked to the use of Anadrol steroids.

It is thought that liver tumours formed due to Anadrol use may remain undetected for some time until the situation worsens and becomes life-threatening due to the development of abdominal haemorrhage (bleeding).

So you might think everything is going so well not knowing that every other capsule you pop into your mouth is taking you closer to the grave.

You may also develop liver cancer if taking Anadrol/ Anadrol 50 in high doses.

  1. Heart Failure

The heart is one of the body’s most important organs. Taking Anadrol may interfere with the normal functions of the heart. Cardiovascular dysfunctions such as edema have for long been associated with anabolic steroid intake.

Edema (fluid retention) may cause congestive heart failure.

In simpler terms, Anadrol can kill you!

  1. Brain Damage

The abuse of anabolic-androgenic steroids such as Anadrol has also been linked to brain damage. Scientists have for quite long argued that some steroids are neurotoxic to certain regions of the brain responsible for memory.

So taking Anadrol could make you stupid.

  1. Severe side effects in men

As a man, I believe the main reason you may be taking Anadrol is to get big and strong. Basically to become more manly.

However, take too much Anadrol and you will probably become a bit more feminine. First, you may experience the development of your breast tissue (man boobs). Your testicles may also shrink making you impotent.

Unfortunately, your libido could also be affected reducing your interest in sex.

You could also end up becoming bald.

So instead of getting that Hollywood male physique and confidence, you could end up a sorry version of yourself.

Gaining muscle is not a bad objective. It is just that in this case, you didn’t take the best route to achieve that objective. Check out our recommendation below for the best route to recording crazy muscle gains.

  1. Severe side effects in women

For most women, who perhaps would take Anadrol to back up, the situation could backfire so badly resulting in serious and sometimes irreversible changes.

For example, women taking Anadrol may experience permanent enlargement of the clitoris.

Most negative side effects associated with Anadrol are related to the functions of testosterone. Women taking Anadrol will most likely develop deeper voices, facial and bodily hair, and bigger muscles.

Women may also experience changes in libido (increase/ decrease).

You really don’t want your body to be altered this way. It's not worth it. Not for money, fame or success!

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Conclusion and Recommendation

Okay, we all agree that steroids come with demonstrated benefits, right? I mean they could not be so popular if they were not effective.

However, they also come with some pretty negative side effects. Heart failure, brain damage, liver damage, and so on and so forth.

Any man or woman who values their life will probably throw away any Anadrol they own after reading these side effects.

And start moving around like a rudderless boat wondering how else to slap some more meat onto their physique.

But what if I told that there is a way around this?

That you can get those fast gains without having to use dangerous steroids.

That way is the Anadrole way.

“Wait a minute, isn’t that the same thing?”

No it's not.

Anadrole was designed and manufactured by – a very popular and well trusted bodybuilding and fitness products makers.

So what does Anadrole do?

It increases red blood cell numbers in your circulatory system allowing your muscles to receive more oxygen.

When in the weight room, this will be translated to pump and energy which will allow you to lift, push and resist more.

Moreover, Anadrole increases nitrogen retention in the muscles.

This action promotes muscle growth as Nitrogen is important for making amino acids which are the building blocks of muscle protein and all other types of protein.

So, Anadrole (the supplement) gives you the same strength and mass that you could be seeking in Anadrol (the steroid) – without any side effects!

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