7 Scary Clenbuterol Side Effects Most People Don’t Know About

Clen aka Clenbuterol is a powerful stimulant drug used to treat asthma as it works as a bronchodilator. In the fitness industry, it is used as a fat burning agent.

Clen works by stimulating mitochondria to produce more heat.

More heat enhances metabolism allowing the body to burn calories faster. It is also somewhat anabolic as it helps users to gain some lean muscle.

Weight loss with Clenbuterol

Now the crux of the matter

What Are These Harmful Effects?

  1. It causes cardiac hypertrophy, irregular heart beat (arrhythmia) and high blood pressure

Perhaps the most severe side effect of Clenbuterol is the fact that it causes cardiac hypertrophy, which is the abnormal thickening of the heart.

This is often a result of taking high doses of clen, which are known to cause the heart muscle to grow.

The main effect of cardiac hypertrophy is irregular heartbeat. Anything that affects your heartbeat is dangerous and should be given a wide berth.

Clen may also cause irregular heartbeat by revving up metabolism or opening up your respiratory system, forcing your heart to beat faster.

Irregular heartbeat could trigger heart failure.

High blood pressure is also a problem with Clen especially when the drug is taken in high doses.  It can be a problem in itself or it can cause other problems such as headache and severe body weakness.

High blood pressure can also cause damage to your heart and kidneys if left unchecked.

  1. It causes severe headaches

This point is closely related to point number one above. Cycling Clen may cause severe headaches.

This is because clenbuterol is known to increase blood pressure. High blood pressure, in turn, is known to cause severe headaches.

And you don’t want to approach the gym with your head in pain. You could injure yourself and you probably will exacerbate the situation by training.

What you need is plenty of rest. You should also probably stop using clen and start looking for an alternative.

  1. Causes insomnia

Unfortunately Clen causes lack of sleep aka insomnia.

If taken at high doses, it may make it extremely difficult for you to catch sleep.

Some experts claim that this is a common side effect among most stimulants. And that it can be avoided by taking clen early in the day (with breakfast or during lunch hours).

However, not all people are able to sleep normally even after taking this advice.

Lack of sleep may be detrimental to your mental health.

Ironically, insomnia may also be detrimental to your fitness goals as it may prevent you from losing weight, which is probably the main reason why you were taking clen in the first place.

  1. It triggers muscle Cramps

This is a relatively common side effect of taking clen. It’s known to deplete the levels of taurine and potassium in large muscle groups.

Lack of these minerals in the muscles causes muscle cramps as they are needed for contractions.

Now muscle cramps may not sound so severe but think about them this way. They are painful, they will prevent you from working out and they may even cause muscle damage.

Most experts recommend taking taurine and potassium supplements to inhibit this side effect. However, even with supplements the risk of experiencing cramps remains.

  1. It causes Clen shakes

CLen bad effects trembling

Clenbuterol causes severe trembling.

Your hands, arms and legs will probably be shaking all over the place especially when you take clen for the first time or when you increase the dose.

Most of the times, the body adapts to the effects of clenbuterol by the fourth or fifth dose.

However, some people still experience trembling and shaking throughout their clen cycle.

The shakiness may not be scary to you but it is an effect you don’t want especially if you are about to hit the gym for some hardcore lifting.

It is because of the trembling that most clen cycles start with a very low dose which gradually increases towards the end. These cycles give the body the time needed to adapt to the effects of the stimulant drug.

  1. Clen weakens your bones

Studies have shown that regularly taking clen weakens the bones.

It does this by decreasing bone strength making them weaker and increasing your risk of experiencing bone fracture.

Now if you are a man or woman who regularly hits the gym, weak bones are the last thing you need. To build a fantastic physique you need a robust frame. Strong bones that can support intense exercises.

Weak bones will cause frequent fractures and limit your time in the gym. Thus, you are better off looking for something else (an alternative) that doesn’t destroy your frame.

  1. Sweating

This is more uncool than scary.

Clen is known for its thermogenic effects. It works by increasing body temperature and metabolism. This causes sweating which is one of the body’s primary ways of controlling body temperature.

Therefore, do not take clen if you were about to go to work, for a date or for a social function. The sweating could make you uncomfortable and could possibly destroy everything you had planned to do.

As you can see, Clen is not a very safe drug.

Some think that the fact that it is not a steroid means it is safe but nothing could be further from the truth.

The evidence is in the many points above. The drug was not just meant to be used as a fat-burner. It was meant to treat asthma in low doses.

Here is a list of other harmful clenbuterol side effects for men:

  1. Addiction
  2. Anxiety
  3. Breathing problems
  4. Cardiac Hypertrophy
  5. Chest pain
  6. Kidney damage
  7. Depression
  8. Diarrhea
  9. Dry Mouth
  10. Flu
  11. Heart failure
  12. Heat intolerance
  13. High temperature that may cause death
  14. Hyperglycemia
  15. High blood pressure)
  16. Increased appetite
  17. Insomnia
  18. Muscle cramps
  19. Muscle trembling
  20. Muscle weakness
  21. Nausea
  22. Nervousness
  23. Arrhythmia
  24. Stroke
  25. Sweating
  26. Weak bones

Clenbuterol Side Effects for Women

Clen for WomanWomen will experience most of the same side effects as those experienced by men.

But there is a catch.

Women are more vulnerable to the dangerous side effects of clen than men.

Some of the reasons why women are more vulnerable to the side effects include the facts that they have smaller muscles and weaker bones.

The most common side effects among women include:

  • Severe trembling
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • High blood pressure
  • And Muscle cramps

Though it is often stacked with steroids, clen is not steroid. It is simply a synthetic stimulant drug.

So it won’t cause excessive muscle growth, increase in facial and bodily hair, or the deepening of the voice.

No need to fret if these were the side effects you were dreading.

Safe Clen Supplement without Side Effects

As it is clear from the evidence above, Clen is not safe. It can cause you health problems that are definitely not worth it.

The good news is that there are several clen alternatives on the market.

Similar fat-burners that can help you incinerate fat within a couple of weeks.

One of the best and perhaps the safest and most effective one is Clenbutrol.

Isn’t that the same thing we were talking about?”

No, it is not!

Clenbutrol Alternative Natural

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Clenbutrol is an alternative to clenbuterol.

It is a natural supplement made by Crazy Bulks.

The key word here is natural.

It doesn’t feature the same synthetic formulation as clenbuterol the asthma drug.

Although it doesn’t feature the same side effects, it is designed to mimic the fat burning properties of clen.

It does this by raising internal body temperature. This increases the BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) – which means your body will be able to burn more calories faster.

Thus, fat will be incinerated more quickly to meet your body’s energy demand.

With all the fat stripped away, you will retain a sexy, badass lean physique that will turn heads wherever you go.

Clenbutrol is also known to boost oxygen flow.

The more oxygen your muscles receive the more energy you will have to do intense exercises for longer. This increase in performance will help you burn even more fat through exercise.

More oxygen supply and better training also means increased stamina and endurance. In other words, a bottle of this stuff could make you the super-athlete you’ve always wanted to be.

Moreover, compared to other clen alternatives, clenbutrol is extremely safe and legal. It also doesn’t require a prescription.

In a nutshell clenbutrol from Crazy Bulks is:

  • A cutting agent
  • A legal performance enhancing supplement
  • An anabolic compound (it builds lean muscle)

And it does all these things without causing any dangerous side effects. No headaches, sweating, muscle cramps, or any other of the listed side effects.

It is also cheaper and legal to buy in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and in many other countries around the world.

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