7 Reasons Testogen Supplement is Better Than Synthetic Testosterone

7 Reasons Testogen Supplement is Better Than Synthetic Testosterone

Buy 3 Get 2 FreeSo you’re shopping around for a product that will help you get rid of all the issues caused by low T levels.

Now, you’re torn between effective and natural boosting supplement such as TestoGen and some other products that boasts of immediate noticeable results, but is artificially made.

To help you made the obvious decision, here are 7 good reasons why you should do your body a favor and go with TestoGen:

  • All-natural Ingredients

It's only uses naturally-occurring ingredients. This means each substance can be found in nature – in fruits, vegetables, even sunlight.

This product works by giving your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to produce its own testosterone in the right amount, unlike synthetic T boosters, which is basically infusing your body with foreign entities, causing it to react negatively.

There are tons of lawsuits filed against synthetic testosterone companies because consumers suffered from a stroke, a heart attack, or another serious side effect of these fake Ts.

In some cases, these complainants become infertile, which is probably the very thing that they were trying to correct in the first place.

  • No Added Artificial Elements

A lot of synthetic T boosters add artificial coloring or flavors to their product to make it more palatable. It vehemently adheres to its natural-only ingredients, so you can rest assured that no unhealthy additives are in there.

  • Correct Dosage

Because its formulation is based on research, it shows the exact dosage to be taken each day on its packaging. Some artificial Ts do not have this, which is dangerous  and could encourage taking them to abusive levels.

TestoGen also took care to put in the right ratio of ingredients according to how much the body needs it for testosterone production.

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  • Ingredients are Proven Effective

Each ingredient has one or several studies that back up its efficacy. This is how the supplement can show numbers while not many others can.

The statistics and the numbers can be readily found in the product’s official website. Also, it contains elements that are widely used to improve conditions brought about by low T.

For example, low T results in low sex drive. TestoGen uses zinc, commonly found in oysters, and red ginseng extract – both of which are known aphrodisiacs. The ingredients have history to back them up, and they are also very targeted.

  • Promote Overall Health

TestoGen is also multipurpose. Not only does its ingredients have scientific and historic backup, they also back each other up, and back the body up.

How so? Well, TestoGen contains ingredients like magnesium, which is proven to significantly increase testosterone level when taken as a supplement, and at the same time helps the body get more restful sleep, thereby allowing it to reset to optimal hormone production – and that includes the T!

On the other hand, synthetic testosterone boosters pretty much only do that one thing – supply artificial testosterone to your body, which it could eventually reject, and can cause you awful side effects.

  • Contains Extra Natural Boosters

Have you heard of Boron? This element only comes in traces in soil and some fruits and vegetables.

So if you want to get enough of it in your diet to really make a difference, you’d have to literally eat dirt, or a truckload of fruits a day, which is pretty much impossible.

Boron lowers the estrogen level, which effectively increases the testosterone level in the body.

TestoGen did their research and knew that this often overlooked element could have a huge impact, which is why they included it in the mix. Now you don’t have to eat a garden everyday to get the right amount of boron!

  • Money Back Guarantee

Almost no other product gives this guarantee. If those synthetic testosterone providers gave this guarantee, they would have been bankrupt long ago. This shows that the makers of TestoGen truly believes in their product, and are 100% confident in the benefits it could give you.

So if you should try it and, after the recommended amount of time, do not see any improvement in your condition, you’re free to return it and get your money back.

There you have it. Seven compelling reasons why TestoGen is better than synthetic testosterone. We hope that this helps you make the right choice!

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