Why men desire harder erection always

Importance of bigger, harder erection on men ego and confidence

Bigger and harder erections for male confidenceMen were always viewed as the strong, healthy ones who are there to provide for their family and be there for their wives.

Their upbringing teaches them not to give up, not to back down, not to break and cry. The changes in the lifestyle we all lead have brought in more stress and since man consider talking about their problems a weakness, it just adds up until it results in a health issue.

However, they want to please their women, want to be the best, this is why it is a number 1 problem when they can’t achieve the goals they have set themselves.

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Feel invincible

Performing well during sex is something that gives men strength to deal with all kinds of everyday issues.

A bedroom is a place where they want to feel welcome, loved, adored and invincible. It is hard for a guy who never had problems before to start facing them. It is like losing their identity, their source of good vibe, complete enjoyment, moments of being perfectly happy.

It is important to accept that the body is not a machine. It needs to relax and rest sometimes. That can be the only problem sometimes.

Simply by taking care of the lifestyle and the stress level can solve the problem and give you your orgasms back. Being in a relationship means taking care of for your partner’s needs, but also understanding that it cannot all be perfect.

Invest some time to see what makes you feel good, lose some bad habits, exercise moderately, decrease alcohol and caffeine consumption and your health will improve.

Feeling good about yourself means that you will be able to enjoy your partner as well and forgive yourself if sometimes things don’t turn perfect as you imagined it.

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