How to Improve Your Memory – 15 Unique Ways To Increase Focus & Mental Acuity

How to Improve Your Memory – 15 Unique Ways that Can Increase Focus and Mental Acuity

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Let us begin with a question, when’s your best friend’s birthday? I guess that’s a tough one; I will ask you an easy one. What did you have for breakfast yesterday morning?

Can’t remember again? The advent of technology has made our memories very weak. I am sure you will agree with me. Staying focused and giving your 100% on a particular thing has become a challenge, and this affects our productivity in a bad way.

I am here to help you supercharge your memory. No lecture about getting enough sleep and exercise! I will tell you about 15 unique ways to improve your focus and mental acuity.

  1. ABC method

Improves Memory With ABC methodWhen it comes to improving memory and focus, there are too many distractions. The one that tops the list is your smartphone. The mounting notifications and messages can really scatter your focus.

The ABC method can help you fight this.

The alphabet A stands for awareness, be completely aware of what is happening around you and recognize the distraction.

B is to breathe deeply, take a breath and reflect on your options and finally comes C which stands for choose.

You have to choose to either deal with the distraction or dismiss it. I personally feel it’s best to deal with the distraction so that it doesn’t keep popping up again.

  1. Spider Technique

Have you ever noticed how a spider works on its web? It has a fantastic strategy to identify false alarms. Don’t believe me?

Hold a vibrating fork next to its web. The first reaction of the spider is noticing that its web is vibrating.

But soon it realizes that there is nothing caught in the web and that it’s a false alarm. How many ever times you continuously make the web vibrate, the spider ignores it as it knows that it’s a false alarm. Isn’t it fascinating?

This is what I call the spider technique. Every time you are distracted by something, if it’s a bug that needs your attention, go ahead and look into it but if it’s a false alarm be smart like the spider and ignore the deceptive vibration.

  1. Memory Palace

Does the word Sherlock or the mentalist ring a bell to you? If yes, I am sure you would know about the memory palace.

For the others out there, the memory palace is an extraordinary memory mapping technique which can help you remember things and improve your memory significantly. This method is used by mental athletes who participate in memory competitions throughout the world.

A memory palace is a place in your mind where you will be storing all information. Your memory palace can be any place you are familiar with. I used to love my city’s carnival ground. My palace is the carnival ground.

When I have to remember a list of things, I imagine the carnival ground and connect each item I have to remember with the stalls that used to be in the carnival.

Let’s say I have to remember a list of grocery items, so I will imagine and place each item on the list in each shop.

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  1. Visualize

The next hack I have for you is to visualize things. In fact, this is proven as one of the best ways to improve memory.

Also known as Visualization and association, in this technique, you will associate abstract information into easy-to-remember mental pictures. This method basically works on the fact that the human brain can remember images better than verbal information.

If you want to remember the address of a certain place, instead of memorizing it, visualize the mailbox which carries the address of the house.

  1. Mindfulness

Increase Focus Mindfulness Mindfulness is more of an art than a practice. It is the art of focused awareness on the flow of the present moment.

We usually get carried away by the past, or we think about the future and forget the present moment. By practicing mindfulness, you can overcome this and stay focused on what’s happening right now.

  1. Set-Shifting

The job profile which most of us have requires us to do more than one single task. Let’s say you are doing task A, and suddenly task B pops up.

Set shifting is the technique in which when you have to shift from one task to another; you do not leave behind anything from the previous task.

Shift from task A to task B without leaving any pending work behind, as this can help you focus on the second task better.

  1. To-do Book

Memory Sharpness To DoThis is the old-fashioned way, and it actually works best. The best way to remember things is to write them down.

Come up with a to-do book, where you can write down your everyday tasks for the week. Keep updating them often. Research shows that writing things down can help you remember them better.

  1. Prioritize

As I already mentioned, we have jobs that include many tasks. We often get confused as to which task to do first and which to do the second. Coming up with priorities can help you not miss out on any task.

List down all the tasks and then assign a priority to each task. This way you can complete the most important ones first.

  1. Neurobics

Neurobics is the science of brain exercise. It can help you improve your memory and focus as well. There are various Neurobics exercises that you can try.

Involve your senses in a novel context and use additional senses to do an ordinary task by blunting the sense normally used to do that particular task.

  1. Mnemonics

Just like Visualization, mnemonics is a unique way to remember things easily. Remember VIBGYOR? The acronym which helped us remember all the colors of the rainbow.

Mnemonics are used extraordinarily by developing patterns of letters, ideas or associations to remember things.

You can devise ideas using mnemonics as the base. For example, if you have to remember a tough formula, fit it into your favorite song’s tune and sing it aloud.

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  1. Doodles

Have you ever looked at the last page of your high school notebooks? Random designs and scribbles covered all over the page.

Your parents and teachers would have told you that it was such a waste of time. But science proves it otherwise!

Doodling is said to improve memory and also improves the way you solve problems and process information. In other words, doodling is a thinking tool which helps you master your brain power.

  1. Learn

Another scientifically proven hack to improve your memory is to learn a new language. When you learn a foreign language, it boosts your brain and improves your mental acuity.

Research by Edinburgh University has found that verbal fluency and intelligence is improved when you learn a second language.

  1. Implementation Intention

The implementation intention is a strategy in the form of an ‘if-then-plan.' In other words, you associate one task with another.

For example, You have to take medicines every day, but you keep forgetting it. So associate this task with another, if I eat breakfast, then I have to take tablets. This ‘if-then-plan’ can help you remember and plan things better.

  1. Positivity

Positive thinking comes with a load of benefits. When you practice positive thinking, your brain’s executive function gets improved, and this helps you to remember things better and also improves your focus.

  1. Yoga

Yoga Improves Brain FunctionsYoga establishes a harmony between your mind and body. The various asanas and breathing techniques have been proven as one of the best ways to improve focus and memory.

You can get started with simple breathing exercises which relax your mind and body.

Now that I have told about these unique ways, which one are you going to try first? The memory palace or the spider technique?

I am sure each of these will help you attain your goal. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

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