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Safe Fat Burning Steroids – How Tony Edwards Overcame Stubborn Obesity, Gained Lean Muscle & Now Looking SEXY...

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Tony Edward Before…

You're about to read an incredible story of once-upon-a-time obese man, who almost gave up hope after all solutions failed to help him.

Luckily he eventually find a premium solution known as “Ultimate Stack for cutting, lean muscle and mass gain” that helped him to finally shred Bodyfat, build Lean Muscle. In fact you won't recognize him in his before & after photos…

Being overweight was something I had struggled with since I was little. My parents were overweight so, like many others who were in similar situations, I grew up as an overweight child.

Being overweight seemed normal, especially when you come from a big family of bigger people.

I lacked portion control and ate a fairly unhealthy diet, but as I was a growing child I never shifted from the overweight into the downright fat column…that is until I was a teenager.

My teenage years is where I actually were the downward spiral began.

I always entertained the idea of joining a sports team; however as I was putting on pounds what seemed like every month, I did not have the confidence to even sign up.

Testimonial-Tone Edwards After

Tony Edward AFTER His Transformation…

Who wants to be that fat kid huffing and puffing down the field trying to just keep up with the other players?

Definitely didn’t want that to be me. So instead of joining, I turned towards depression and fed my depression with more and more food.

My downward spiral into obesity

People who have never grown up as an overweight child or teenager don’t truly understand how hard it is to look into the mirror and know that you’re fat but be unable to stop it.

Food made me happy.

The happiest times for my family were around the table or focused on food in some way (Thanksgiving and Christmas meals especially), so how could I suddenly stop eating? How could I do something that no one around me was doing?

I felt helpless and to stop feeling helpless and try and feel normal again I would eat. This vicious cycle carried me well into my twenties.

I knew when I was around twenty-five that things were getting pretty bad. I still considered myself fat, and I still ate as much as I pleased, but it seemed that my health was deteriorating at a rapid pace.

I would wake up in the mornings and still feel the aches and pains in my legs from the day before. My back ached on a regular basis and I was so fatigued by the end of the day I felt as if I had aged prematurely by around forty or fifty years.

My automatic response was to stop doing physical things so instead of going up the stairs, I took the elevators…

… instead of shopping in stores for my food, I had it delivered from online shopping. Instead of walking my dog, I just let it out the back door.

I thought these changes would help stop the pain I was getting, but little did I know that I was doing the exact opposite of what I needed.

It’s funny how clearly you remember some things and how other bits of your past just fade away into a haze. My visit to my GP over two years ago, however, was something I will never forget – nor do I want to.

I had scheduled the appointment because of constant exhaustion, fatigue, and pains in my leg. I figured an overall check-up was needed since I had avoided my GP like the plague for a few years prior due to my weight gain.

When I was initially weighed in by the nurse I was shocked to see I was 317 pounds.

My heart dropped right then and there, and when I was sat waiting in the room for the doctor to come in, I could not shake the feeling of unhappiness and depression.

Of course the doctor’s examination didn’t help my current feeling of dread; it only confirmed my suspicions that my weight was behind my health problems. He stated I had high blood pressure almost certainly due to my obesity.

He also concluded that I was likely exhaustion was likely due to poor sleep caused by a mild form of sleep apnea…

Lastly, he mentioned that my excess weight was putting too much pressure on my joints causing the pain. Official remedy: lose weight.

The beginning of my weight loss journey

Some people need a major trauma in their life to make a change. Others, like myself, need just a kick up the rear end in order to get in gear.

That doctor’s visit was my kick. I knew if I kept up I would end up with severe and possibly life threatening problems….

… I felt like I was a twenty-seven year old guy stuck in a seventy year old body. It was time to make a change that would alter the course of my life.

I began focusing primarily on weight loss in an effort to get my health back where I needed it to be. Fortunately I joined a gym and a trainer helped me every day to build up my cardio.

After just a few weeks I began noticing the weight melting off my body. Each and every weigh in I went to I was losing another five or ten pounds. It was like an addiction. Going to the gym every day was my coffee, and what a difference it made.

After about six months of just straight weight loss, I began focusing on building muscle. I knew it was important not only to help me shed even more fat from my body, but also because my skin was becoming very loose and unattractive.

I felt as if I was wearing a pair of jeans about two sizes too big and that I may eventually need a belt just for my own skin to stay in its proper place. So I hit the weights three times a week.

I tried so hard to follow every muscle building routine…

I wanted so badly to have arms with actual muscles on them and a belly that didn’t jiggle with fat but instead was tight and muscular, but it seemed the more I tried, the more I failed. I didn’t put on any muscle mass; however I was still gradually losing weight with the daily cardio.

Unsure of what to do, and told just to “push through it” from the trainer, I began researching online for something to help me build muscle safely.

Previously I had avoided the internet like a disease believing that every dieting and weight loss pill on there was a scam.

While I’ve heard of other people having success with them, I found true success in my hard work – yet muscle building eluded me. It was infuriating to feel as if I had come so far yet hit this road block, so when I stumbled on steroids I actually entertained the idea.

My experience with legal fat burning steroids – specifically Ultimate Stack (by Crazybulk)


Natural and legal steroids were what a lot of bodybuilders took and I admit I was envious of their muscle definition and size.

I didn’t want to be unsightly huge like some were, but I wanted actual pecs I could be proud of and arms that the ladies admired.

After some research on the various side effects of steroids, however, I quickly backed off the idea. There was no way I’d ever go into anything illegal such as steroids and compromise all of the work I had done so far.

That’s when I came across Crazy Bulks product called the Ultimate Stack.

I was a tad skeptical of the Ultimate Stack at first despite being researched and manufactured by a reputable company, with loads of reviews and awesome before and after pictures of satisfied customers…

… however I did some research and afterwards I immediately purchased an eight week cycle of it (two stacks total).

My First Great Results After 8-Weeks Cycle

I knew that I needed something to change my workouts and get me the results I wanted, and the Ultimate Stack seemed to be it.

At the end of my first eight week cycle I noticed that my man boobs were gone, my arms were bulking up with muscle, and my thighs were gaining mass in muscle not fat.

The results were impressive and I could see my loose skin being made taunt in various places on my body as muscle developed under it.

At the end of my first eight weeks I went through an off period as directed and purchased another eight week cycle.

My Second 8 Weeks Cycle Results…

The second time around taking the Ultimate Stack was even better than the first…

My forearms actually have visible veins in them now, my chest is ripped and I have muscles not only in my abdomen, arms, and thighs but also on my shoulders too.

I feel as if my life has completely changed and that my weight loss was just the start of it.

This Ultimate Stack has truly allowed me to tailor my workouts and finally focus not just on weight loss, but on muscle gain.

The impressive amount of muscle, nearly eighteen pounds, I’ve put on since the very first week of my Ultimate Stack has made my body and my confidence improve greatly.

I feel more powerful and I notice the difference in how much I can bench/squat and also in my clothing sizes (I had to actually get a larger neck in my dress shirts).


Ultimate Stack Uniqueness & Why it's Consider Ultimate Fat Burning Steroids

The Ultimate Stack has six main products in it, all of which are a hundred percent safe and legal.

I was worried about them at first being something created in a lab that would possibly need a prescription or would conflict with my medications, but they’re not.

They’re all legal and I had absolutely no ill side effects when taking them.

I do have to say that I attest my impressive results with the Ultimate Stack not only to the great product, but to my dedication.

These legal steroids need to be taken regularly and you need to actually wait for results to be noticeable. I also followed the recommendation and took the eight week stack cycle with an off cycle in between before doing another eight weeks all while maintaining a high protein diet.

Looking in a mirror now I’m proud of who I see staring back at me. It’s hard to even begin to think of my life just a few years ago as some overweight man who was reclusive, depressed, and incredibly unhappy.

I feel as if my journey has taught me so much and yet I have much more to learn. I can only hope that with the continued use of the Ultimate Stack in combination with my dieting and exercise regimens will finally help me achieve the body I want!

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