Exercise Without Equipment To Lose Weight In 7 days

Exercise without equipment to lose weight in 7 days

Exercise without equipmentFor the most part, people don’t seem to think that you can lose weight exercising without equipment. A general consensus exists that equipment is necessary if you want to lose weight properly and build your body.

After all, various types of exercising equipment let you focus on individual body segments. You can choose to strengthen your thighs, legs, biceps, or anything else that you’d like.

Losing weight while using this equipment is another plus since you’re shedding weight and strengthening your body at the same time.

However, how much of that statement is true? Do you really need equipment to lose weight? Well, not necessarily.

You see, exercising equipment makes the job easier since you don’t have to memorize a large number of workouts. Modern-day exercising materials has instructions on how to use it properly and what it’s used for.

The downside is that you can’t exercise where you want. You can only work out where the equipment is situated.

Truthfully, it is handy to have a couple of exercising machines in your home or somewhere close, but they aren’t crucial to losing weight.

On the contrary, you can easily lose weight in just 7 days even without the equipment! Here’s a more in-depth analysis.

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Women think about ways on how to lose weight naturally, without equipment

One can get a full-body workout doing bodyweight exercises, and no equipment is required. You’ll get that model-look in no time if you do the exercises mentioned in this article. The truth is, you don’t need equipment!

It’s a common misconception and if you agreed with it – no foul; it’s completely normal to think that since we often have a slightly skewed understanding of how these machines help us.

For example, running on a treadmill means that you don’t have to run around the city or in a park if that’s something you don’t like doing.

However, it’s worth noting that you’re much better off jogging in a park or something similar than running on a treadmill. Fresh air, complex paths, lots of ups and downs, and the sights – these are all elements of jogging outside, compared to a treadmill. 

Push-ups, squats, and any other moves that utilize only your weight

Body Moves Exercises SquatsThe old-fashioned exercises such as squats and push-ups always do what they’re supposed to.

Even though some of these exercises might be difficult for you, they will push your body to its absolute limits if you go on for long enough.

They are easy to do regarding positioning and body movement, which is why they’re an absolute favorite for most people, especially ladies looking to get rid of belly fat.

Since they’re weight-based, i.e., use your body weight, they are incredibly effective at helping you lose weight.

Another positive side to these exercises is that you’re able to do them anywhere you want. No need for special machines or anything – simply pick a spot and exercise.

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Triceps, push-ups, walking spiderman, glute bridge with leg raise

Glute bridge with leg raiseExercises that focus on triceps strengthening are also great for helping you lose weight. Push-ups are great for both the triceps and the biceps.

They’re also great for strengthening your abdomen. If you work hard enough for a week or two, you’ll start noticing a difference in your looks. You’ll shed some weight; not a lot, but certainly enough to motivate you to push even harder.

The walking spiderman exercise is relatively lesser known, but this doesn’t make it any less effective. It’s a great way of preparing yourself for what’s to come. If you don’t like warming up for a proper exercise, the walking spiderman is your way out.

It’s done in the following way – Deep lunge away from the line in the middle and keep both of your arms inside of the knee.

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Rotate your upper back and use the arm on the side you moved forward to reach the ceiling. Take a nice breath and repeat the process a couple of times. The exercise itself is pretty straightforward, and it doesn’t take long to complete.

The glute bridge is also relatively simple and easy. Lay down on the floor with your knees bent and your feet flat.

Once you’re in this position, raise one of your legs off the ground while pulling the knee to the chest. Drive through the heel, extend your hip upwards, and raise your glutes from the ground.

Extend as much as you can, wait for a moment, and return to your starting position.

Butt kickers, side plank, hip drops, single leg balance stick

Butt kickers, side plank

The butt kick exercise is supposed to strengthen your hamstrings. Stand straight and lift up one heel from the ground up to your glutes. Move the opposite hand towards your shoulder. Once this is done, switch.

The side plank is often shunted aside and ignored. However, the exercise itself is extremely effective at strengthening your abs.

Lay on your side and keep your feet together. One forearm should be below the shoulder. Contract the core and lift your hips until your body forms a straight line from feet to head.

Simply hold in this position for the time you set and repeat on the other side. Hip drops are too simple.

Simply stand on an elevated block on one leg while dropping the other one. By doing this exercise, you’re making your balance better, and you’re also strengthening your hips and legs.

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Sweat a lot. Running is one of the best exercises you can do to lose weight

Sweat Running ExerciseWe’re of the opinion that everyone should run each day at least for a couple of minutes. Running helps you burn calories quickly, and it also builds stamina.

Every next day you choose to go running, fatigue will set later, and you’ll be able to run longer. It’s amazing and helps you with weight loss immensely.

You also need to sweat a lot. Excessive sweating while working out is a sign that what you’re doing is good. Running will also allow you to enjoy the sights and nature.

If you’re looking for a slight energy boost, we recommend using Nootropics with Exercise. The top Nootropics will provide you with slight energy boosts whenever you need them!

Perform exercises to each angle of your abdominals

If you want amazing abs, you’ll need to perform every exercise to both sides of your abdominals. This is only valid for exercises that focus specifically on the abs.

You don’t want to end up with asymmetric abs. Plus, the only way to shed all the weight from your abdominal region is by adjusting each exercise to both sides.

Eat healthy food that will help you cut back on calories

Eat healthy foodWorking out won’t have the effect on your weight that you expect. Exercising alone isn’t enough. You need to combine a healthy diet with working out.

Only then will you start losing weight quickly and making your body amazing. Healthy food is necessary, and it will help you cut back on the calories that contribute to weight gain. Be sure to get rid of junk food as well!

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