Curved Penis in Men: Causes, Pains and Possible Treatment

Curved Penis in Men: Causes, Pains and Possible Treatment

Curved PenisA curved penis is a thing of pride for some men. This is because many women say that the slightly bent curvature strokes them the right way during penetration making the sex more enjoyable and explosive.

Other women are of the opinion that a slightly upward penis is the best thing as it makes it easier for their men to hit the G-spot!

Both schools of thought have consistently been proven right!

However, not all men with curved or bent penises have the same kind of fun. Or can give their women the same satisfaction.

Most men with a more prominent bend have what is referred to as Peyronie’s Disease (PD)! This disease makes sex painful for some of those who have it. PD can also make it impossible for men to have sex. An extremely curved penis can also make sex less enjoyable for women.

In this article, we dissect the disease and highlight its causes, pains and the available methods of treatment.

What causes Peyronie’s Disease?

First of all, scientifically, the disease is as a result of the formation of a scar tissue in the shaft of the penis.

The curve due to PD is often upwards but it can sometimes go in other directions resulting in a misshapen penis.

Even though research has not conclusively found the actual cause of the disease, several theories have been floated around by scientists.

The most popular theory is that the scar tissue that causes PD is formed due to trauma – abnormal bending or hitting.

The trauma may be painful and noticeable or it may go unnoticed for some time until you start feeling a lump in your shaft.

This theory is important because it shows that PD is preventable. So if you are the type that enjoys exotic sex positions, you might want to revert back to the tried and tested missionary position, LOL!

Jokes aside, there are other physical activities that could cause penile trauma. Sports, athletics, or even car accidents could be the cause of your troubles especially if you may have taken a hit to the groin region.

Apart from trauma, it is also thought that Peyronie’s Disease may be genetically inherited. So your dad or granddad may have it or may have had it.

Researchers have also found that some medications may be behind the disease.

An autoimmune disease (also inheritable) could also be the possible cause of your tribulations. Normally, the body’s immune system works by identifying and killing harmful substances.

However, an autoimmune disease can cause things to go haywire resulting in the body’s immune system attacking normal cells.

These normal cells could be those in the penis. If this is the case, then the ‘attack’ may result in an inflammation which could lead to scarring.

Some of the autoimmune diseases that have been linked to PD include lupus, Behcet’s syndrome, and Sjogren’s syndrome.

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How many people are affected?

It is estimated that between 1 and 23% of men between the ages of 40 and 70 have the disease. Put in other words, about 1 in every 4 men has PD.

Researchers estimate the figure could be much higher because most men are embarrassed to report and seek treatment for PD.

And even though the disease is not that common among young men, incidences have been reported in men over 30 years of age.

These statistics mean a couple of things. First, the older you get the higher your chances of getting the disease. Being young does not make you immune to the disease. There are chances that you could get it.

Wild sex in unusual positions could increase your likelihood of getting Peyronie’s Disease. And so could aging, a family history, autoimmune disorders and some medication.

Pains/ complications

Penile Straightening DevicePD makes life miserable in the worst possible way for most men.

First of all, having the disease means you probably won’t have sex! Imagine not being able to do it with your partner?

And if you can do it, PD may make the experience less enjoyable for the two of you by causing erectile dysfunction.

It can also cause stress or anxiety and take away your confidence/ self-esteem.

Basically, it makes sex near impossible which may also make it difficult to father a child.

From the information above it is clear that Peyronie’s Disease is one of the worst illnesses that could affect a man.

But there is good news! The disease is treatable.

Possible Intervention: Surgeries, Drugs and Extenders

Upon diagnosis through physical exam, imaging tests, or review of family history, there are a variety of treatment methods that can be initiated.

SURGERY: Most people are familiar with surgery. It involves open up the penis and cutting out the scar.

Surgeries take a couple of weeks/ months to heal; meaning that though effective, you will have to forego sex for a couple of weeks.

DRUG/INJECTIONS: Drugs can also be used to correct the bent penis curvature. Some drugs are taken orally while others are applied directly on the shaft and yet others can be injected.

Surgeries and injections cause pain. Non-painful interventions include the use of radiation and shock therapy.

PENILE EXTENDERS: However, though non-painful, the use of radiation and shock therapy is often expensive. A more affordable non-painful intervention is the use of penile traction therapy aka the use of penis extenders.

Penis extenders are much more known for increasing length and girth. Nonetheless, studies have shown that they can also help to correct penis curvature.

But there is a catch. You have to be consistent! To achieve good results you must consistently and routinely use penis extender. The stretching caused will help to improve blood circulation and clear the scar tissue that causes PD.


PD is a terrible disease of the penis. It causes pain and makes life miserable. However, there are multiple interventions that can help to straighten your shlong. Extenders are the best because they are relatively affordable, non-painful, and effective!

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