Cognitive Benefits of Creatine Supplementation

Cognitive Benefits of Creatine Supplementation

Use Creatine For Focus and Strength

What first comes to your mind when you think of the familiar word creatine?

I bet the first thing that rushes through your mind is the mental picture of a guy typically exposing his athletic build- the kind every guy would dream of.

To say the least, it is one of the most controversial supplements on the market today. Bodybuilders’ craze for this supplement is simply out of this world.

It is portrayed as being very beneficial in providing intense energy, increase in strength, enhanced muscle growth and even recovery.

But just on the flip side of the coin is yet another great benefit of this supplement that most people are yet to come to terms with.

Did you ever know that you also increase your retention power and improve concentration just using this supplement?

This guide would reveal the deepest truths you probably never knew about creatine supplements.

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Creatine Overview

This is one of the most widely used supplements. And the fact that there are numerous scientific studies backing its usage makes it more worthy bodybuilding supplement than its competitors.

For years, bodybuilders have used it to grow their muscles and improve their gym performance. And yes, they do work. It is very beneficial to trainers whose exercise routine requires extreme weight lifting precision.

It provides ample energy to muscle cells making it easier to contract while minimizing chances of fatigue occurring.

Ways In Which Creatine Can Increase Your IQ

Just in the same way creatine supplementation helps to enhance muscle definition, it can also offer powerful effects on brain keeping you very focused, helping you recover even the tiniest details that you would ordinarily have forgotten.

In the body, it is being stored as creatine phosphate from where it is being transported to the muscle cells as well as the brain cells.

It produces increased energy for extreme articulation during rigorous thought processes that requires critical attention.

According to medical reports on oral creatine supplementation on 45 young adults and it was found that those on which it was tested were found to experience positive effects on intelligence and working memory.

These users were found to have increased brain processing power making calculations at the speed of light which is not typical of an ordinary feat.

Scientific Backing Of Creatine Supplementation

The benefits are very vast making it the most popular sport nutrition supplement in the fitness industry.

This development however, has incited the interest of scientists and medical researchers who eventually got fascinated with the breathtaking discoveries encountered.

Among the few discoveries made, it was observed that supplementing with creatine can significantly increase fluid intelligence (is the cognitive ability a person possesses that makes them capable of thinking fast, solve complex problems and exhibit an intense analytical strength) by at least 40%.

And even when subjects who were subjected to be examined on both creatine and a placebo were tested, the former proved to display a high rate of intelligence.

Your brain stores and synthesizes creatine sourced from your diet. Increasing the amount of fish and meat in your diet can boost its uptake. But in situations when getting a healthy diet seems much of a challenge, then supplementing becomes an easy way out.

From the foregoing, scientific studies have been trickling in significant numbers to upgrade the level of awareness among sports enthusiasts and those who suffer from memory deficits. Below is how creatine can help boost IQ levels.

  • It boosts cognitive efficiency
  • It improves working memory (short-term)
  • It gradually eliminates mental fatigue
  • It combats the negative downsides of mental deficit due to aging which affects cognitive functions
  • It promotes mental articulation and rapid thinking
  • It elevates concentration and enhances greater attention span
  • It greatly enhances fluid intelligence
  • It increases focus and mental energy
  • It boosts crystallized intelligence
  • It improves mood
  • It provides brain fuel for enhanced thinking

How It Works

brain-function-cognitiveThe evidence support the cognitive benefits of this brain supplement are quite overwhelming.

First of all, it was discovered those who took at least 5g of creatine within a period of 6 weeks found substantial improvement in their cognitive abilities.

Hence, research claims that creatine helps to boost cognitive efficiency by stimulating the brain cells for faster signal/message interception during their communication with other.

This results in faster thinking, articulation and mental efficiency.

By synthesizing ATP (adenosine-tri-phosphate), it increases brain energy working synergistically with your mind giving you the widest awakening ever. It enhances your mental performance by boosting computational and calculative skills giving you a genius mind.

Why Should You Use It To Boost Brain Power?

When you workout and do some complex routines, it sometimes come with the great task of maintaining some level of concentration. Without maintaining this balance, it would be impossible to reach your bodybuilding goals faster.

Just in the same way, if you’re the kind of person who constantly requires your brain’s processing power to be at peak levels, then creatine supplementation is just the only way around it.

As a matter of fact, when you subject your brain to process complex situations or tasks, the workload becomes much making extra supply of energy the best way to achieve results. Think of the process more like a brain metabolism– increasing brain fuel for faster work processing.

Who Can Use This Supplement?

When it comes to diet, individuals have their preferences based on a variety of reasons which includes body compositions as well. While some folks could seat all day enjoying their cheese, eating chicken and downing their favorite milk shake.

Just on the other side of the fence is the guys who find it repulsive to eat anything that pertains to animals. This could be due to intolerance of some dairy products or simply because they are strictly vegans.

Fortunately, creatine offers quite a unique advantage in that it benefits you regardless of who you are. In other words, whether you are a vegetarian or not, you’re up for a game change any time.

Evidences abound about its usage and the cognitive benefits it delivers. However, you’ll find some journals pointing to the its ability to treat various diseases like Hutington’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

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Safety Of Creatine Supplements

With the various claims postulated by various sport nutrition companies about the efficacy of their products, it is clear that these companies are trying to leverage on the health and physiological benefits of creatine to create a market potential for themselves.

But are these supplements really safe? Yes it is safe and side effects are quite minimal unless if you decide to overboard by taking it excessively.

These supplements are made from natural ingredients in order to compensate for low supply got from diets.

Although the fact there could be some mild side effects too is not completely overruled. However, they are usually mild and would naturally be noticeable especially on your first dosage.

But as soon as your body adjusts to the routine, with time it would no longer be something to concern yourself with anymore.

So, on a general note it can be taken without causing any harm to your health. But it is always recommended that you take a lot of water too.

This helps to reduce the state of dehydration caused by creatine intake. And while that is said, it is not supposed to be taken by people with any existing medical challenge.

Even healthy individuals should avoid prolonged use in high doses in order to ward off any risky health conditions.

The Verdict

Considering the progress bodybuilders, athletes, weight lifters both professional and amateur have made in their fitness programs by virtue of this strength enhancing supplement, it is no news that it holds some potential for those looking to explore more of its benefits.

Creatine has proved very effective and in fact has charted a new course for folks in the fitness industry. Science proved that fact decades ago and now there are proven testimonials to that effect.

Again, scientific articles and journals are currently creating massive awareness about its brain enhancing capacity as well.

And just like it worked for those involved in active sporting activities, it could do the same for business executives, students, as well as those who require extreme intellectual skills to successfully get a task completed.

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