Causes Low T

What causes Low T in Men?

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for the physical and biological attributes that makes a person “male”. Testosterone is also known as the hormone.

Males produce testosterone in an increasing level, the height of which is around his 20’s. When he reaches the age of 30, men lose testosterone level, which is why they start to exhibit signs of what people only think of as “aging”.

Can Reviews treat low test?

This includes:

There are several causes that disable a man’s testicles from producing adequate amounts of testosterone, resulting to “low T”.


As mentioned above, men typically experience a decrease in testosterone levels in their 30’s, at varying rates depending on the individual. This is why guys who are in their 40’s to 50’s resort to testosterone boosters to keep them “functioning like normal”.

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This is the name for the condition where testicles do not produce enough testosterone, that’s not a result of aging.

Hypogonadism is categorized into two – one is caused by a genetic or developmental defect or simply inherited, the other caused by some sort of injury to the pituitary glands or hypothalamus, which are the two glands that work together to produce hormones responsible for overall growth and health:


Hereditary causes

  • Testicles that did not descend from the abdomen during prenatal days
  • Born with three sex chromosomes, where there should only be two
  • Too much iron in the blood or damage to pituitary gland.

Accidental causes

  • Both testicles got injured due to physical activity or accident
  • Testicles got injured because of a mumps infection
  • Medication or treatments for cancer.


Natural causes

  • Medication, small tumors, or loss of kidney function
  • Hypothalamus not functioning properly
  • Tuberculosis, and other types of illness where an organ or a gland is inflamed
  • HIV or AIDS
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Acquired causes

  • Growing old
  • High levels of body fat, which throws off hormone production
  • Illegal or prescribed drug consumption
  • Other sickness, and their accompanying physical and emotional stress
  • Too much alcohol consumption

Therapies that target increasing testosterone levels, but they have some unattractive side effects like:

  • Growing boobs
  • Pimple breakouts
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Testicles getting smaller
  • Lower sperm count
  • Growing prostate

Men who exhibit low T have some options to help them correct it. As with everything, proper diet and exercise is encouraged to keep the body free from any other illness.

This particularly addresses the problem of loss in muscle mass and faster body fat gain that are symptoms of the condition.

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