Bodybuilders, Sports & Fitness UK Anti-Doping Law

Bodybuilders, Sports & Fitness in UK: Anti-doping law has become more stringent in United Kingdom

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As a bodybuilder, a sportsman or as a regular gym-going guy who wants to improve his strength and size, you really need to focus on the legal means of doing so.


Because there are consequences to not doing so.

Improving strength, performance, fitness or size using controlled or banned substances can result in disqualification from competitions.

Remember the entire Russian Olympic team being disqualified from the summer and winter Olympics. It was for using steroids to enhance performance.

That particular team was supposedly helped by the government there to dope.

However, the situation is different in many western nations. Governments are working harder to stem the use of steroids and other banned substances in sport.

The current legal situation of steroids in the United Kingdom

The Misuse of Drugs Act of 1976 classifies all anabolic steroids as controlled substances. The controlled substances are broken down into classes.

Some classes of controlled substances can be legally prescribed by doctors but only for valid medical reasons which do not include fitness.

Other classes of controlled substances cannot be prescribed by doctors and are illegal for sale in the United Kingdom.

This means that as a British bodybuilder, you can’t access steroids legally.

This has resulted in droves of Britons buying such products from criminal black markets or from foreign websites.

Buying steroids from such forums may have adverse consequences.

First, you will never be sure of the authenticity of such products except if you are a lab tech and can sneak in your private samples for testing.

Also, some of these products are adulterated or mixed with other substances that may cause adverse reactions.

You could also lose money to fraudulent website owners out to take advantage of naïve weightlifters.

In short, steroids are controlled substances. Buying them from illegal sources may expose you to risks you never thought of.

Furthermore, even if steroids were legal, they have many negative side effects that are bound to catch up with users sooner rather than later. Which makes it wiser to stay away from them.

Even though it is illegal to sell steroids and other banned substances in the UK, users are an unlikely to face criminal prosecution if found in possession of the drug.

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The challenges facing British Sportsmen and women

In Britain, the government agency responsible for making certain that athletes are clean is the UKAD (UK Anti-Doping Agency).

The agency was established in 2009 to ensure athletes do not use substances that give them an advantage over other athletes or that exposes them to unnecessary health risks.

A recent article by the BBC shows that UKAD has a strategic plan in motion to make it even more difficult for sportsmen and women to dope and get away with it.

More funding and more tests

One of the policies in the agency’s strategic plan is to increase anti-doping tests done on athletes. According to UKAD, over 4,000 tests are already being done annually on athletes.

The tests are usually done just before competitions. However, samples are often collected from athletes at random and unpredictable dates to catch them off-guard.

Even with these kinds of testing procedures, UKAD believes it can do more.

That’s why the organization plans to increase funding by over 50% to ensure that it gets to do more than 6,000 tests annually by the year 2022.

Apart from the government and sports governing bodies, UKAD expects sponsors of athletic events to chip in and help them to ensure the playing field remains level.

The increased tests will make it even more difficult for doping athletes to get away with it.

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Other measures proposed in the strategic plan

Apart from increasing tests by over 50%, UKAD is planning to introduce sniffer dogs at competitions.

UKAD chairman believes that this will tighten the noose further on unclean athletes.

The dogs will be used to sniff out banned substances being transported into training and competition venues.

Although the chairman admits that this may not have massive success, he thinks it will definitely play a part in reducing the incidence of doping.

The organization has also increased its staff numbers and aims to employ more to monitor athletes and ensure clean sports.

Almost 50% of UKAD’s anti-doping cases come from reports received from the public.

In its strategic plan, UKAD hopes to educate more athletes and the public so as to raise awareness and encourage more people to come forward with information that may propel forward its fight against doping.

The agency is also planning to come up with a variety of innovative anti-doping measures to further prevent doping athletes from taking part in competitive sports.

What happens when one is found doping?

According to UKAD, there are a variety of sanctions that can be taken against athletes caught using banned substances.

One of the main ones is being disqualified from competitions. Depending on the level of doping, an athlete may get between a few years and even a lifetime ban.

Previous medals and achievements will also definitely be wiped out if investigations reveal they were related to doping.

Athletes may also lose income, sponsorship deals, and may be isolated by family and friends.

These consequences are of course in addition to the side effects of using banned substances.

Some of the side effects including male pattern baldness, breast tissue enlargement, dependence, aggression, acne and even miscarriages among female users.

Conclusion and recommendation

Considering the legal situation and the measures UKAD aims to put in place to stop doping in the UK, things just got harder for steroid users in the country.

More tests and the other innovative measures will make it difficult to dope and get away with it. Thus, there is a need to change for the better.

There is a need for those who dope to stop it and look for alternatives.

Some of the most popular non-steroid alternatives currently being used by 1000s of men and women are listed here.

They enhance performance naturally and are not illegal in the UK.