Do BCAAs Help Burn Fat?

Do BCAAs help burn fat?

Burn Fat With BCAAThe short answer, yes!

Now the specifics. BCAAs is an abbreviation for Branched Chain Amino Acids.

These are essential amino acids needed for protein (muscle) synthesis.

But did you know that BCAAs can also help you burn fat in FOUR different ways?

Read on to find out.

  1. BCAAs help you lose fat not muscle

When most people want to lose fat, the first thing they will think of doing is to reduce their calorie intake. This is a good step but it is flawed.


The fewer calories you take the more your body will want to conserve energy hence triggering muscle loss. (Less muscle less energy demand)

However, with BCAAs supplementation, Leucine (one of the BCAAs) will trick your body into thinking you are full hence enabling it to continue with burning fat through metabolism.

This makes BCAAs supplementation perfect for cutting phases as you get to lose all that water-weight and keep all your hard-gained muscles.

  1. BCAAs provide muscle gain

“Right, how is muscle gain related to fat loss?”

Well, in one way particularly. Muscles burn calories.

More muscles mean more calories burnt hence fewer calories to store away as fat.

As we have seen BCAAs are essential amino acids that are utilized as building blocks during muscle synthesis.

More BCAAs means faster muscle synthesis. More muscle, as we have explained, will mean more energy demand and fewer calories to store in the body as fat.

  1. Less muscle soreness

The number one way to naturally lose fat remains training hard. Without training, no supplement can make you lose fat.

However, as we all know training hard brings about muscle soreness.

This may cause you to skip a few sessions a week reducing your weekly effective workout time.

Yet with BCAAs supplements, you are less likely to experience the same kind of severe post-workout soreness experienced by those not taking it.

This will allow you to go back and train more so as to reach your goals faster. If you are woman reading this, I implore you take a look at the top 9 brands currently your worlds!

  1. BCAAs provide you with the energy you need to train more

This point goes hand in hand with point number 3 above. Less soreness allows you to train more and so does increased energy.

Leucine quickly converts to ATP, which is essentially muscle fuel. This, more Leucine in circulation means more energy to workout.

Take away point

BCAAs are important for fat-loss and can also help prevent muscle loss when under a low-calorie diet.