7 Exercises to Combine with BCAAs Supplement for Ultimate Results

7 Exercises to Combine with BCAAs supplement for ultimate results

We all want to look good! We all know intense workouts plus proper nutrition and rest can get us there.

However, we all don’t know the right meal plans and supplements to get big and sexy.

Additionally, most of us don’t know how to match supplements with the right kind of workouts for maximum results.

You will find in this article, the best exercises to combine with BCAAs for ultimate results. You will also find pro tips on how to perform all the exercises.

But first, definitions.  (We have a comprehensive guide of top BCAA for female here.)

Bcaa and exercise Men and Women

So what exactly are BCAAs?

BCAAs aka Branched Chain Amino Acids is a term that refers to 3 essential amino acids: Valine, Isoleucine, and Leucine.

These amino acids are some of the most crucial components of the muscle building process. Without them, there is no muscle synthesis.

In fact, if you just had to buy one type of athletic supplement, buy BCAA-based supplements.

This is because they provide multiple muscle-building benefits you will not find in most supplements. Check out this complete guide for top bcaa for men.

BCAAs help build muscle, increase energy, reduce muscle fatigue, promote recovery, promote fat loss, increase the circulation of other Amino Acids, and enhance the rate of protein absorption.

Now that we all understand what BCAAs are and what they are used for, here is a look at the exercises that will help you max out their benefits.


  1. Bench Press

The bench press is a popular exercise among many men!

It is popular because it works the chest, which most people regard as the sexiest muscle group at par with the abs.

Apart from the upper chest and lower chest muscles (the pecs), the bench press also works out arm and shoulder muscles.

This exercise is done to increase or maintain chest muscle mass.

BCAAs are the building blocks needed to form muscle protein. So taking a serving of BCAAs before bench pressing can really do you good.

Pro tip: Pump your chest out and keep your back tight when lifting the bar. This will help you to fully engage your chest muscles.

  1. Squats

So we have already highlighted how BCAAs are primarily used to build muscle mass.

And guess what?

There is no better way to dramatically improve overall muscle mass than by doing squats.

Some call it the single most effective exercise for full-body muscle growth.

A proper form squat engages and exercises leg muscles, back muscles, arm muscles, abs, chest muscles and even shoulder muscles.

Your glutes also get a proper workout.

The trick to gaining muscle from doing squats is to do each rep slowly and in proper form. Here is a video on YouTube of some guy executing squats the right way.

The fact that squat is primarily a muscle building exercise makes it best for BCAA supplementation.

This is because the BCAAs will provide the amino acids needed for muscle building and the energy needed to complete the recommended four to five sets.

Pro tip: Keep your back tight when squatting. This will help you maintain proper form throughout the movement.

  1. Deadlift

Deadlift + AminoDeadlift is the king of workouts. This is because it engages as many muscles as squats and it trains your muscles in a more functional way.

Let me explain, squats are good but you don’t go about squatting all day, do you? Same as the bench press.

However, most men will probably need to lift something every now and then.

This makes it important to deadlift as it provides the stamina and strength needed for such tasks.

Besides, the deadlift is also known for building overall body-strength and engaging back muscles, quads, calves, hamstrings, glutes, abs, forearms, biceps and shoulder muscles.

Deadlift is also fantastic for fat loss. This is because it significantly increases your body’s energy expenditure (metabolism).

Why combine them with BCAAs? For a couple of reasons.

First, BCAAs combined with deadlifts can help you improve your overall strength.

Second, BCAAs help regulate hormone leptin which may trick your body into thinking you are receiving adequate calories helping it to maintain metabolism at high rates.

This coupled with deadlifts can help you burn fat.

Pro tip: To get ready for your lift, pull your shoulders back and keep your back straight. This will allow you to avoid damage and grow your back muscles.

  1. Cardio

Cardio + Aminos bcaaMost guys will laugh at you if you tell them you are going for cardio. This is because most think cardio is for women.

However, if you really want to experience maximum all-round improvements in strength, muscle mass, and fat loss, you need to include cardio in your workouts.

You could use a treadmill, a stationary bike, or you could just run.

Leucine, one of the BCAAs, is ketogenic and extremely important for energy production.

It provides major muscles with high concentrations of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). ATP is the fuel needed for muscle contraction.

So taking BCAAs before cardio can help you train harder for longer.

Pro tip: Make sure your cardio is high-intensity throughout for maximum fat-burning effect.

Jogging or trotting won’t significantly increase your heart rate and give you the many benefits of a proper cardiovascular exercise.

  1. Dumbbell Bicep Curl

Alternating Dumbbell Curls

2. Alternating Dumbbell Curls

This is a biceps exercise that also engages your forearm.

It is the key to big guns. Combining the protein synthesis benefits of BCAAs with bicep curls can help you reach your goals quickly.

Pro tip: Slow down your movements by two seconds.

Keeping your muscles under tension for longer will damage more muscle and allow for faster growth.

  1. Lying tricep extension

They say about 70 percent of the upper arm is made of the triceps. In other words, you can’t get big arms without training your triceps.

Lying tricep extensions is one of the most basic exercises for engaging the triceps.

BCAAs provide the energy and promote faster recovery for continued triceps assault.

Pro tip: Take moderate weights and aim for high rep ranges. You will love the results within the next few weeks.

  1. Rows

Rowing is a back-specific exercise. It gives you a strong and wide back.

Rowing will help keep your back strong. It also provides some cardiovascular exercise.

BCAAs provide the energy needed and the “ingredients” required for back muscle synthesis.

Pro-tip: Try one handed rows for maximum effectiveness.

Wrapping up

BCAAs are important amino acids needed for muscle growth. We have included deadlifts, squats and the bench press in this list as these are some of the most basic muscle building exercises.

BCAAs also provide energy for cardiovascular exercises.

We have included a couple of cardio exercises to combine with your BCAA supplement. We have added several other exercises to build biceps, triceps, and back muscles for all-round growth.