7 Affordable Exercise Equipment Must Have In a Home Gym

7 Affordable Exercise Equipment Must Have In a Home Gym

Exercises and Workout Home Men and WomenWho says you need the latest training equipment to get chiseled?

Taking time for a workout is a big commitment and an exhausting endeavor. Adding to your woes are the expensive and always crowded gyms.

The alternative is setting up your own home gym. As difficult as this may sound, setting one at your home is not as hard as it may seem like and can be done with minimal efforts.

All it requires is a little space and of course some space in your home to get your home gym going.

Pursuing your fitness goals from the confines of your own home is an added advantage. There are a number of options available in the market when it comes to purchasing equipment for your home gym.

You need not have fancy or expensive equipment to perform to the best of your ability.

With this post, we have tried compiling a list of the best home gym equipment available in the market today that will allow you to work out from the confines of your home without causing a dent in your pocket.

1.  Bowflex Select Tech Dumbbells

Bowflex Select Tech DumbbellsDumbbells are key to resistance training and can elevate the body’s metabolism to burn fat and maintain muscle mass and there is nothing more primal than a set of good old dumbbells to add to your workout regime.

The Bowflex Select Tech Dumbbells provide you with just that except that it's more versatile and doesn’t take up space like a plain old set of dumbbells.

The Bowflex is an adjustable dumbbell which comes with two dials. One only needs to set the dial to the desired weight he or she wants to lift and lift the weight out of the base.

These dumbbells replace 15 different set of weights ranging from 5 to 52 lbs and all this happens with the use of two dumbbells.

Bowflex currently has three different variants namely:

  • The 552-model capable of adjusting 5 to 52 pounds per dumbbell.
  • The 560-model capable of adjusting 5 to 60 pounds per dumbbell.
  • The 1090-model capable of adjusting 10 to 90 pounds per dumbbell.

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2.  Duraball Pro Stability Balls

Duraball Pro Stability BallsWhether you have used stability balls in your workout before are new to the concept.

Having one in your home gym is a great way to add variation to your regular workout routine.

Stability balls or Swiss balls are used by medical and fitness professionals all across the world for a number of things like physical therapy, improving the body’s posture and improving the body’s coordination.

One needs to understand that not all stability balls are created equal. The Duraball is one extreme heavy duty ball and has an amazing resistance 1100 pounds.

This means that the ball stays full round and firm even while using heavyweight in the ball. The Duraball comes in a range of colors and has a 100% replacement guarantee.

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3.  Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing MachineThe Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine is a reliable rowing machine for home use and provides a smooth and powerful total body workout.

The flywheel design ensures a quiet row while its frame has been built in such a way that it can be separated into two pieces for easy storage and is a perfect fit for any home environment.

The machine may not feel much but comes with a host of features like:

  • A backlit performance monitor sets the Concept2 rower apart from other competitors in the market. It includes different games, workouts and session feedback. Wireless connectivity is an added bonus here allowing one for transferring the workout in an easy and efficient manner.
  • The ergonomics rowing handle of the machine has a 10-degree bend supporting a natural rowing position.
  • The Cencept2 can be assembled within a span of 20-30 minutes. The basic groundwork involves twisting eight screws to attach the machine’s aluminum legs.

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4.  Elliptical Machine

(EFITMENT) Compact Magnetic Elliptical Machine TrainerThere has been a lot of debate over the years over elliptical machines and treadmills but there are many benefits to putting time with elliptical benefits.

The machine comprises of many features like high adjustability and swift easy controls. The Sole E35 also has a hand-held heart rate monitoring and also comes with a chest strap for hands-free convenience.

The stride can also be adjusted from 20 degrees to 22 degrees with fully adjustable footrests. Some other features if the machine includes:

  • 16 resistance levels through Eddy Current Brake (ECB) system that can be adjusted at the push of a button from the handlebars.
  • 6 rubber floor vests for stability.
  • 10 programs including 67 pre-programmed workouts, 2 user-defined programs, and 2 heart programs.

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5.  Adjustable JC Predator Heavy Resistance Tube

Resistance training shouldn’t remain limited to just weights like dumbbells, cables or barbells.

Resistance tubes are useful in that regard because of the elastic in them which when stretched provide for more resistance. The JC predator heavy resistance tube offers a great way to challenge your entire body.

It is adjustable with a 3 tube set up which allows for extreme heavy resistance with all the tubes attached.

The JC predator can be used to perform full body exercises wherein you have the need to control your body weight with the help of tubes.

The resistance in these tubes can be lessened by taking 1 or 2 tubes out which will allow performing isolation exercise for the weaker parts of the body.

The good part about using resistance tubes is that it can be used with any kind of gym equipment for a workout.

6.  The Weider Ultimate Body Works

Weider Ultimate Body Works AMAZON The Weider Ultimate Body Works is a compact home gym that combines calisthenics with resistance cords and cable pulleys to create a challenging workout from the comfort of your home.

The goal of Ultimate body works is to use your own body weight and use it for a wide variety of exercise than the traditional ones like crunches, dips or pull-ups. Some of the features of this machine include:

  • An adjustable incline exercise bench that can be increased or decreased as per your needs for resistance. The angle of the board and the bands can be adjusted for extreme workouts.
  • The machine can help perform compound exercises to train more muscle groups at a go.
  • There are four resistance bands present that can add up to 50 lbs for harder workouts.
  • Incline bench that is adjustable to suit the needs of an intense workout.
  • Quick and easy assembling of the machine which doesn’t take more than 20 minutes of time.
  • It also comes with a folding system making storage much easier.

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7.  Bosu Balance Trainer

Bosu Balance TrainerBOSU is an acronym that stands for Both Sides of the BOSU to perform a variety of beginner to beginners to challenger’s exercise.

This half dome style training device has many uses and can be used primarily for strengthen your core and abs.

Basically, the BOSU is a swiss ball that has been cut and half mounted on a plastic base. The commercial version of the BOSU balance trainer is virtually indestructible and can last a long time regardless of its use.

So there you have the 7 best pieces of exercise equipment that you can use for your home gym.

These equipments might be expensive, but if you are looking for some affordable gym equipment, you can head over to VoucherBin. The site has amazing discounts and offers to suit all your gym needs.

There is literally thousands of affordable home exercise equipment to choose from to build an inexpensive gym at home so why not give this a shot and give thoughts to making a gym space of your own.

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