10 Awesome and Easy DIY Detox Ideas

10 Awesome and Easy DIY Detox Ideas

Detox Pure and CleanseDetox. One word that scares almost everyone given the extreme route many people have taken in the name of detoxifying.

Some have even gone to the extent of starving themselves to death.

But, to be fair to them, the word detox is fairly intriguing. On multiple occasions, it has been misrepresented and defiled by many who don’t have even the slightest idea of what it means.

So what exactly is detox?

Detox simply means refocusing your mind, body, and having a strong appreciation to healthy, delicious, and nutritious foods. Nothing more, nothing less!

As opposed to going to the extreme, crazy and restrictive ideas, I will help you explore new tastes, ingredients, textures, and even cooking techniques.

Good thing is that you don’t have to go to an expensive restaurant or even hire a nutritionist. You can do all this at the comfort of your home.

1)     Drink lots of Water

Dring Water for DetoxificationWater is one of the free gifts of nature that comes with expandable detox attributes.

Simply taking up to 8 glasses of water creates irreducible minimums when it comes to flushing out toxin from your system.

You can choose to be creative by creating detox water. Simply add sliced lemon, lime, grapefruit, and cucumber to a glass of water.

This combination not only helps in cleansing your system but also injects a healthy dose of Vitamin C, stonewall immune system deficiencies, and prevent skin wrinkling.

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2)     Eat Organic Food

Eat Organic FoodPrevention is always better than cure right?

Organic foods are free from pesticides and a whole host of other contamination.

This is a simple and better formula of countering toxins by ensuring that they don’t find their way into your body in the first place.

That, however, does not mean that you should deny your body the essential foods if you don’t have organic foods near you.

It means that you should vet and ensure you conduct due diligence knowing what organic food count and abstaining from food that could potentially harm you.

3)     Intense Massage Works Magic!

YES! For long, massage has been hailed as an elimination method between the have’s and the have not’s.  Undeniably, it is a good relaxation luxury. However, an intense massage can equally help you in detox.

You can request your partner or even a family member can to massage you solely focusing on pressure points. These are the points where toxins form a congregation.

By massaging these pressure points, you allow them to release toxins without having to swallow any chemicals.

Of course, after the massage you may want to down a glass of water to allow the toxins flush out of your body.

4)     How about Green Tea over Coffee?

Green TeaAn occasional cup of coffee is not harmful. But when taken in large quantities, the cumulative effect can’t be ignored.

But in any situation, there is always a better option. And in this case green tea is an excellent substitute.

Green tea incorporates a slight boost of caffeine at the same time kick-start your day at an all-time high by flushing out toxins.

Additionally, it has also been identified as a loadstone of other antioxidants that are paramount in detoxifying your body.

5)     Eat Fiber Rich Food

Eat Fiber Rich Food BroccoliYour digestive tract is programmed to hold on to toxins. But eating fiber rich food helps in cleansing your system.

Here is where the spanner goes into the wax; fiber-rich food takes time to digest. Hence, they take a considerable time in the digestive tract.

The toxins infuse themselves with the undigested fiber remnants.

The number of toxins that get flushed out together with the fibers cannot be underestimated hence making these types of food excellent for flushing out toxins.

Good example of fiber rich foods include split beans, Lima beans, broccoli, avocado, pears and many others. Cook in your convenience.

So, whenever you are increasing portions of fiber rich food on your diet, the more toxins you extirpate from your system.

6)     Get Enough Sleep

Sleep for Healthy BodyMany people tend to overlook sleep and treat it as a luxury but it is not.

Lack of better sleep can reward you with disastrous tidings like gaining weight, lack of natural energy, and even a compromised immune system.

Getting enough sleep allows your body to recuperate and perform optimally in flushing out toxins.

7)     Give your Body a Break by Fasting for a Day

Everyone deserves a break. So does your body. By fasting for a day, you are simply giving your body a humble time to recuperate, rejuvenate and feel fresh again.

Additionally, fasting for a day increases the capacity of your body at the same time halting the digestion of potential toxins.

By the time you resume your normal routine, the body comes back with renewed natural energy and a more effective digestive system.

So now you know that you don’t need to fast when you are seeking the intervention from the big man upstairs.

8)     Yoga

Yoga Wholesome HealthExercise has been shown to be one of the most effective ways of that helps our bodies cleanse naturally.

Yoga has been hailed not only as an excellent form of exercise but also a meditation hub.

The nature of yoga is that it allows you to sweat and breathe deeply giving your body a chance to redeem itself by expelling off toxin through sweating and breathing out harmful toxins.

Not forgetting that it improves blood circulation. Go ahead and enroll into a yoga class and you will be smiling all the way to the bank.

9)     Substitute Anti-biotics for Home Remedies

Ginger tea with mint and lemon

Naturally, when you have a minor infection, the first thing that rings into your mind is antibiotics. We can’t deny the fact that these drugs are meant to improve your wellness.

With that said and done, they also come with their fair share of toxins. These toxins can build up in your body which can be harmful on the long-run.

But if it’s possible to fight off simple diseases with natural remedies then why not make use of them?

A simple cold can be fought off by chewing or blending ginger and garlic while acne can be off fought by applying lemon juice on your face.

All these simple remedies give you an upper hand in detoxing your body.

10) Go Easy on Processed Foods

Processed FoodsProcessed foods and drinks may come as very convenient. But what most people don’t realize is that they are packed with additives and preservatives.

Some of these elements that their names you can’t pronounce are slowly contributing to your demise as they continually wreak havoc on your body by lining up in your digestive system.

Instead of turning to processed foods, ensure that the food you indulge in is as natural as it can get. Once you wipe processed food off your menu, then the journey of detox may as well begin.

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In Conclusion

Toxins in your body and your habits go together like bacon and burger. Detoxing aid in increasing your metabolism, digestive tract, and clear your skin.

Now that you have 10 awesome and easy DIY detox ideas it shouldn’t be a big deal. Please share with us what your favorite is as the world is counting on you to make it a toxic free world.

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